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BA Flight 5390, a BAC one-eleven is an historical landmark in the flight industry where the captain was pulled out from the cockpit, survived, and the whole crew and passengers still came out alive in 6/10/1990. The accident occurred when the aircraft reached a height of 17,300 feet from the time of departure in Birmingham. This arose following the untimely opening of the window due to the air pressure following lose nuts fall out. These bolts of the same windscreen had been replaced before the flight the previous day. Of the total 90 bolts holding the windscreen, 84 were smaller than diameter specified. The core-captain was pulled out from the windscreen opening, the cabin crew restrained him fearing that he might be sacked into the engine if he fell off. The co-pilot did take the flight control and under emergency landing approval safely landed at Southampton airport within 22 minutes after the incident occurred. The shift managers did exercise application of unsuitable equipment, company standards non-adherence, and poor trade practices and inadequate care. This follows habitual routine of the shift manager to careless employ publicized standards. Only one person performed a safety critical task, who examined quality achieved, the aircraft was not tested on installation as QA requires, until it did carry passengers. Of many engineering tools in place, I will use engineering manual on aircraft parts installation for guidance to ensure, I use the right parts for installation and ensure they are the best quality and approved for use in that particular part of repair or replacement. I will also, employ standards of operations as required by the spaceship and the company management. Further, I will employ teamwork, as engineering requires teamwork, in approval of materials, to be used, quality and efficiency performance, rather than a one person wholesome duty (SUBI Pilot, 1).

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