Quit Smoking – Quitting will improve your health.

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Quit Smoking

Smoke-free Victoria, is an Implementation plan that has been on board for three decades with continuity review and update to date using a “Quit” campaign. The programs gears towards ensuring that Victoria remains a non-smoking nation. Its long-term objective guided by sixteen goals is to ensure that the population in general has good health by fighting tobacco smoking in Victoria. Quit Victoria believes that by discouraging young generation from being nicotine addicts and using collaborative strategies and evidence-based programs and policies for implementation towards tobacco-free nation it will eventually bring tobacco toll to an end (Quit Victoria, 2016). This is possible as Dawn Robin in his speech noted that globally every nation battles with #1 preventable problem on tobacco dependence (Global Media Dynamics, 2008).

Quit Victoria (2016) the Victoria-Tobacco Free task team notes that tobacco use reduction and prevention calls upon the investment of a comprehensive approach. In 2016, the existing prevention task force was restructured again to ensure it offers implementation inputs of the updated strategy prevention programming and to come up with collaboration areas across programs. The task force is made up of tobacco control community expertise with a know how in youth tobacco prevention and use. In addition, Quit is part of Cancer Council Victoria and thus, collaborates with other Cancer Council expertise and resources as well working hand in hand with the Victorian, Heart Foundation together with other Cancer councils, tobacco control and Heart Foundation division partners within and without Australia. The Quit Victorian strategic implementation plan is guided by 16 goals and runs from 2016-2019.

The strategic master plan towards Tobacco-free Victoria has various timeline SMART objectives. By December, 2016 the taskforce gears towards ensuring legislation that deters electronic cigarettes advertising and marketing are banned in Victoria as well as advocacy for smoke-free vaping areas be banned. The task force is tasked with helping service of Victorian post-release support to come up with a pilot systematic model that may ensure all clients receives smoking cessation in regards to Quitline referrals by December 2016.

In December 2017, the plan is to come up with models and push for regulations and laws amendments to give room for building owners to restrict tobacco smoking within the building. At the same time, the taskforce will push for banning of point of sale display and advocate withdraw of all vending machines for cigarettes in Victoria. Also, push for flavor or aroma banning that increase tobacco products palatability and or harmful effects. By August 2017, there advocacy shift to creating smoke free drinking and dining areas and by December 2018 smoke free environment for all government funded services be attained. All remaining tobacco retail promotion will be investigated and push for legislation that requires retail to have a license by December 2018. December 2019 the taskforce will advocate alternatives for addressing smoke infiltration in any living set up for all people. It will also strengthen tobacco health risks and ensure social norms have no place for tobacco use, discourage new tobacco initiators, support those who have stopped smoking to sustain tobacco-free throughout 2019 December. In the same timeframe, Quit will remain effective, responsive and collaborative partner in regards to annual stakeholder satisfaction indicators.

In reviewing the World Health Organization on tobacco cessation mechanism, Victoria assented towards tobacco taxes increment towards meeting its Smoke-Free Victoria Strategy in 2016. Wholesaler and retailers are mandated under the new tobacco tax policy to remit their tobacco cigars taxes to the Ministry of Finance. Further, the government will continue raising tobacco tax rates in reference to inflation from 2017 to 2022. The move is fundamental as it will contract the contraband market of tobacco, support the government in addressing low economy and promote attainment of the Strategy of the Smoke-Free Ontario long-term objective (Quit Resource Centre, 2016).


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