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3Love оvеr Gold Amаl

Love оvеr Gold Amаl

Question 2

I believe that the ‘sophisticated romance’ is viable strategy for other product categories and also for other cultures. The same way in which the strategy was viable for Gold blend it would also e viable for other product categories and other cultures. This is based on the notion that this kind of strategy is able to able to offer and makes products more accessible to the mass market but at the same time ensuring that they maintain their quality, premium positioning as well as their image. When product are made more accessible to the mass markets at times some opt to reduce the quality and this is not a good aspect and in this respect quality should always e adhered to at all times. Additionally, this strategy can be easily adopted in the marketing of other products in that the advertisers can modify the strategy to suit the product they are marketing and also create an emotional approach so as to involve the consumers more. By doing so, the advertisers of the other product categories will be able to increase the brand accessibility without having to change the positioning of the product ion the market (Elliot, Percy & Pervan 2011). This will ultimately mean that since the brand is made more accessible to the consumers the purchases made over time are likely to increase since an emotional bound will be created with the target audience. the sophistication romance could also be viable for other product categories since it would play an essential role in the broadening of the appeal of the brand to new and the less overt users thus increasing the number of consumers purchasing the other products categories.


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