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Question 1

Carbon trading is vulnerable to criminal activity because during its course of market exchange, there is no physical delivery of the seller to a buyer. Also, like financial markets, carbon trading invests a large amount of money with immaturity of laws and poor oversight and transparency. Carbon tax may not be effective in protecting cases of fraud and other illegal activities by the criminals like selling carbon credits which do not exists and maybe computer hacking. In order to stop these illegal and fraudulent activities, the company should ensure Environmental integrity that ensures validation and legalization of carbon credits as well as ensuring emissions are reduced. This will apparently weakens incentives from intermediaries in the carbon market thus reducing fraud and other illegal activities. Oversight body will also be needed to check on accountability of individuals in the system. In addressing this issue, carbon credit produced data and carbon emission data. This will be obtained from Designed operation entities (DOE). The data can be accessed through direct legal approach upon seeking consent.

Question 2

The plan will involve setting up a Regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance System (RMCSS) that will improve the association between regional countries whose economy depends largely on fisheries. The system will be guided by regional standards, rules and regulations that will be signed by member countries. The regulations and laws will indicate the kind of penalties give to those caught in fishery crime. The plan therefore will involve, setting objectives, detection of cases of fisheries crime and responding, eradication, long-term management, research, outreach, information access and review of progress. The project manager will ensure that information is obtained from ‘money-making’ watermen and anglers. Also, it is important to obtain information from bodies dealing with aquatic organisms since it will help in management of fisheries crime impact.

Question 3

The strength of this definition is that intelligence corporations take various forms and there is always a possibility of bilateral agreements. This often leads to interchange of liaison intelligence in different intelligence services. There is also a power of dual access of external intelligence through advance technology. However, the weakness of this definition is that there is a divergence in the way the aspects in the definition are gathered. In most cases, many national laws of various countries vary and what is lawful in one country may not be necessarily by legal in another country. Also, talking about influence on foreign entities, one nation may be having its ‘big’ of enemies operating with different foreign allies which may be incorrect. This sometimes affects the capability of a nation to contain such issues as security.

Question 4

The purpose of the information is to inform, teach, sell, persuade and entertain. Evaluation comes in when individuals needs to ‘consume’ good and quality information. Therefore, he/she has to find the quality source considering evaluation aspects such as accuracy, relevance, purpose and authority. In terms of accuracy the functionality is important, relevance-information should have supporting evidence, authority-information should have an author with an affiliate organization and overall assessment-the information should have documentation value. Basically good evaluation often leads to archival of accurate and relevant information which is can be used during research and other academic activities.