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Quality Management for IT

Executive Summary

Availability of IT services in an organization is necessary to support various business activities undertaken by the company. The quality management for IT services is therefore very essential for ensuring that the company delivers comply to the set standard and be able to achieve its mission and vision. A study of quality management for IT was undertaken in one of the organizations in the United Arab Emirates. Omnicom media group which is a division of the Omnicom Group Inc., which is one of the leading organization in the advertisement, marketing, and corporate communications. The mission of the organization is to become one of the leading global data and analytics company. Its vision is to offer unparalleled clout in the marketplace and in-depth capabilities and experience to drive leadership and innovation in every media type.

The research conducted by the company indicated that there are quality management issues which were evident in resolution time for customer requests and the professionalism of the IT staff. The employees of the organization are burdened with a lot of work to be completed over a short period hence the quality of IT services in the company are compromised. This has to be solved be the implementation of sufficient period given to employees and also increasing the number of IT staff to keep up with the increasing workloads.


Quality management for IT is a significant slot in any business activity at any organization as cited in Oakland, (2014). This is used to ensure that customers are served with the required standards of products and services. IT service should be able to reduce the failures experienced by the company when its quality is of satisfactory level. The competition which is faced by the company should be a key factor that motivates the company to ensure that its IT quality is above average to ensure that they are able to keep up with the pace of other companies. Quality management ensures that the organization is able to satisfy their customer requirement with the available resources. The management of the company should be in a position to provide guideline and frameworks which should be used to improve the quality of IT services in a company. The organization should be able to implement IT help desk which will be responsible for catering all the customer’s complaints and ensuring they are resolved within a very short period of time hence improving the quality of the IT services in the organization (Oakland, 2014).

Purpose Quality Management

Quality management is one of the main factors which are considered by any organization to ensure that they become a profitable organization. There are three main features of quality management:

  • Quality control

  • Quality improvement

  • Quality assurance

Quality management for IT in Omnicom Group is determined to ensure that the quality of products and services delivered to its customers is of the required standard. Quality control is therefore implemented in the company to ensure that various elements which improve the quality of the company’s products to satisfy the customer need (Oakland, 2014). This is significant in that the company will be having fixed levels of quality determined by the quality control procedure. This facilitates the maintenance of customers since they are used to a particular level of quality to expect from the organization. Quality assurance is another key element of quality management which ensures that the management provide the satisfactory level that the company should maintain in order to achieve their financial target is the running of the company. This element assures the customers of quality service at any given instance hence would be able to maintain their loyalty to the company (Oakland, 2014).

Quality improvement is also another major component of achieving quality products and service in the company. This is attained by the implementation of new standards in the organization which will be able to improve the quality of data provided to its clients. Improvement of quality is attained by integration of latest IT services to the delivering of the products of the company. The improvement of quality is done by the company when there is a detected dissatisfaction of its customers on certain products and services. An improvement in the services and products is always attributed to the need for more profits and remaining competitive in the market (Oakland, 2014).

One of the quality management standards which the company is ensuring that it is maintained is customer focus. Omnicom Group Inc. is ensuring its customer remains the ultimate reason for them existing to deliver their services to them. This has been able to ensure that the company maintains its quality of products to the required level. The customers have been given the top priority in the organization. This is in line with their vision to be a leading company in providing data and analytics. This has been the key factor that has to ensure that the company keeps focusing on their customer needs as stated in Oakland, (2014). Continual improvement is also the other standard that the company is ensuring that it is maintained. This is to ensure that the company is able to keep up with the increasing competition in the market. The company has been able to achieve this by ensuring that the speed at which data is transferred to its customers is increased. The company has achieved this be ensuring that quality standards for the IT are always improved to meet customer demands.

However, there are other standards which have not been implemented by the company. These are standards like the process approach which when implemented would ensure that service delivery is at its best. This will support the improvement of IT sector to speed up various processes like decision making in the company. Other standards like motivation should also be implemented in the company to ensure that its employees are satisfied with the remunerations that are provided to them. The top management should also be able to implicate appropriate level of management in the company. This is important in ensuring that customers and employees are satisfied (Oakland, 2014).


In conclusion, quality management for IT at Omnicom Group Inc. is considered to be a factor that has been able to keep the company achieving in various levels. Quality control has played a major role in making the quality of products and services in the company acceptable by many customers. The level of control which is used has ensured that the company is not outcompeted by other companies. Quality improvement has enabled the company to maintain its loyal customers hence making a lot of profits to sustain the company.


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