Qantas Brand Value up in the Aie Essay Example

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Relation of the article to the course topics

Qantas realizes its brand will suffer from the labor dispute that saw it ground its fleet and inconvenience travelers. Qantas is moving to preserve its brand reputation through brand management by having one of its employees Alan Joyce communicate to its customers its present problems and their commitment to a fast and satisfactory solution for all parties (Ross Madeleine, p.2). However, another rival airline Virgin is taking Qantas misfortune as an opportunity to positioning itself as a provider of the same Quality services customers expect from Qantas by placing full page advertisements proclaiming it’s the airline of choice for stranded Qantas customers.

Virgin had already started their positioning effort as premium brand by undergoing a brand makeover earlier in the year. By targeting the stranded travelers Virgin are taking the opportunity to show that they also have the same quality services that Qantas offers. Virgin by enabling customer recover part of their fare is making it easier for customer to easily access the virgin newly created customer experience. Virgin also communicated to customers that they are focused at ensuring total customer satisfaction and convenience. Virgin is also providing extra seats to customers to show that it can be relied upon to get customers where they want to go, any time and all the time (Ries &Trout, p. 90).

The article seems to be discussing brand management in relation to Qantas airline. Brand management seems to be an important factor for almost all airlines as well as companies operating in the modern day business world. With proper brand management organizations tend to gain more in terms of customers as well as in revenue generated from their operations (Kapfere, p. 78). Qantas management seems to be solely concerned about their brand management this is evident when the Shewan believes that Qantas has used the right communication channels and also effective communication has been carried out all through the upset. According to him the airline brand management is been carried out in the right manner. Alan Joyce defends the company brand by laying emphasis on of the company flexibility which has enabled them to overcome earlier industrial disputes. She is confident that the brand will recover even better than the previous times. In managing the company brand the company will be able to build trust in their customers on the aspects related to reliability and dependability and also on Australia as a country. (408 words)

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