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2Purchasing & Supply



Pinewood Studios Group is a global film based studio as well as a television studio formed in 2001. It is located in Iver Heath, United Kingdom (Pinewood, 2015). The firm also operates a substantial number of other subsidiaries in other countries like the Pinewood Toronto Studios, Canada: Pinewood Studio Berlin, Germany: and also Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, Malaysia. Till this date, Pinewood Studios Group boasts of about 300 subsidiaries that continue to provide services related to the creative film industries across the globe. In the United Kingdom, the Group is considered as being Britain’s primary centre for film and television-based productions (Pinewood, 2015). The company has been able to publish about 1,500 productions meaning that it has gained lots of trust amongst film producers.

In the United Kingdom, the firm is popular for its linkage to the production of James Bond films. It has contributed about 17 stages including; the 007 and Underwater Stages (Pinewood, 2015). Shepperton Studios, which is also located in the UK and affiliated to Pinewood, is perceived as being the centre for independent film making. It has been utilized in the production of such blockbusters as “Captain America” (Pinewood, 2015). Teddington Studios provides a favorable stage for television production. It is located at the bank of River Thames and helped produce UK’s first sitcom in HD: “The Green Green Grass” (Pinewood, 2015). Pinewood Studio Berlin in Germany is popular for film production as well as first class Television stages for European film industry.

Identification of the Need:

The process of identifying a given need involves focusing on specific needs that should be accomplished. Thus, effective purchasing emphasizes on concentrating on what is needed at any given moment. As a potential user of the film and TV related services, I a bound to make an effective decision to purchase what is needed from Pinewood Studios Group. It is important to comprehend that the decision to focus on the firm to meet the needs emanates from the fact that it is a widely known entity in film production. For this case, there are three needs to be fulfilled by the Pinewood Studios Group.

First, there is a need for short film to be published by the firm in the period between 2015 and early 2016. A single short film is only needed at this time but quality work and reliability will prompt future purchases. The service should be conducted in Malaysia hence it should be delivered by Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios on early March 15 to April 1.

Second, there is a need for the production of two television series that would run in most of UK cable television networks. The product should be delivered by Teddington Studios in London, UK.

Need Specification:

First, the Short film based on the challenges faced by indigenous Malaysians should be only 2 hours long with intensive use of graphics. It should be labeled as :”The Indigenous Heart-Throb”.

Secondly, the TV series should contain at least 20 episodes with each subtitled to fit in with the events of therein. It should also contain a single title that would be communicated later.

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