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Public Relations in Entertainment


Organizations and individuals employ public relations (PR) to communicate with the publics. It is a form of individual or organizational marketing where the PR practitioner either directly or indirectly communicates with a particular audience with the primary goal of establishing and sustaining a positive image and build a strong relationship between the parties involved (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2012). The contemporary corporate world is characterized with intense competition which calls for businesses to package themselves as unique from their market rivals not only to attract new clients, but also in order to retain the existing ones. Central to this process is the PR specialist or consultant who assists them to build and maintain a positive reputation among the business itself, the media, and the target clients. This paper discusses the use of public relations in the entertainment niche with a special focus on dkcnews.

Existence of PR in Entertainment

Unlike in the mainstream business market, PR specialists offering their services to the high-profile world of entertainment are confronted with unique challenges. PR practitioners in the entertainment market do more than making these high profile individuals and organizations seem great. They speak on behalf of celebrities and entertainment firms, they inform the various publics associated with the client organizations; they create awareness about important issues, assist mitigate adversely publicity that could potentially damage their client organizations, and generally play the role of representative between their client and the various publics, such as the media, with the major goal of earning the most favorably publicity possible (Barker, 2011).

Besides the primary task enhancing publicity of their clients through garnering media attention, PR practice in the entertainment segment is somewhat more comprehensive than that. Among other areas PR exists in this market encompass coordination of entertainment related activities like events, concerts, speaking engagements, and facilitation of press releases, among other forms of communication (Summers & Morgan, 2008). In the current Internet age, every entertainment based organization, CEO, personality, and associations strive to maintain the most positive image possible in the public eye, PR practice becomes the most effective approach of how they can achieve that desired image.

Role of PR in DKC

DKC is a U.S. based firm specializing in the PR in the entertainment industry. Strategically positioned at the intersection of corporate enterprise and the creative business world, DKC utilizes PR to do a number of functions (dkcnews, n.d.). The first major function involves providing support in planning appearances and entertainment events. Most of their target clients exist at the entertainment world’s major meeting joints, such as Fashion Week, Oscar Awards, Nobel Peace Prize Concerts, the Sundance Film Festival, Grammys Awards and Emmys Awards, among other big events (dkcnews, n.d.). Part of the responsibility of the PR practitioners in such events involves planning the event venue, customizing client appearance, and coordinating schedules and other activities during these events. Many clients (both celebrities and organizations) also present speeches at such gatherings. As the PR expert, DKC staff get involved in planning client appearances and might even draft speeches or make tangible contributions in other ways to their presentations.

Second, they help their clients maintain positive client relationships and publicity. Whether their client is an individual celebrity, a small organization or a large corporation, it is imperative that their PR practitioner create a high level or trust between the client and their publics (WETFEET, 2012). In their perspective, creating and keeping up a positive relationship between the PR professional and his or her client enhances the chances of the latter depending on the latter’s expertise in creating a good image in the public eye (Barker, 2011). Nonetheless, the publicity function is not limited to the client, rather its stretches to their brands, careers, artistic aspirations, and other areas of interest in the entertainment world (Summers & Morgan, 2008).

For instance, celebrities or entertainment firms may launch new products (such as music, films, and movies) or product promotions and campaigns to tie in with specific holidays or other significant dates in the entertainment calendar. DKC PR team will always participate in such events, as they will be looking for more effective strategies new to the conventional advertising to get their client’s message and appearance out to the target audience. They increase their clients’ publicity and reputation through diverse tools and techniques, including news releases and statements to the media, newsletters, involvement and sponsorship of public and social events, participation in awards and conferences, among others (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2012). Moreover, they utilize digital media, including social media platforms and blogs not only to provide a better insight into their clients’ activities, but to enhance their fame also (Summers & Morgan, 2008).

Additionally, the PR professional at the organization may also function as spokespeople, disseminating essential information regarding their clients to their publics through different media. In the entertainment industry, Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg (2012) observe that PR specialists often focus this function more on publicity. L’Etang (2006) agrees with this observation by positing that most entertainment figures or firms in the entertainment world employ publicists who act as the go-to person for enquiries regarding to their client.

The Publics of DKC

The entertainment industry is a multidimensional sector comprising an array of types of entertainment. Given its specialization in the entertainment world, the primary publics of dkcnews encompass both internal and external publics. Examples of the internal publics are the employees of the firm, while external publics include the media, the clients (celebrities, sportspeople, comedians, producers, artists, dancers, and entertainment organizations, among others), the government (as regulators), investors and the general public.
The external public groups can be depicted in the diverse types of entertainment. These types include music, cinema and film, games, comedy, performance, theatre, dance, sports, animal, and circus, among others. Examples of previous clients the organization has served include the Nobel Peace Prize Concert and record producer Clive Davis (dkcnews, n.d.).

PR Staff and their Qualification

Considering the fact that dkcnews specializes specifically in entertainment PR, PR is a single unit in the organization. In order to create a workforce that has deep and diverse experience in the entertainment sector and to ensure its clients receive personalized and dedicated service, the company outsource PR specialists who are holders of relevant type and level of education, including Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, journalism, advertising, and public relations (PR).

However, proper training might not be sufficient for an individual to become an effective PR practitioner and much less to succeed in this career (WETFEET, 2012).Scholars content that PR is as much art as science (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg (2012). This statement implies that the most effective approach to developing the skills necessary in the profession is through practice. Actually, PR specialists require certain skills like interpersonal, organizational, critical thinking, problem solving, effective writing and verbal communication, which they develop through additional education and training (L’Etang, 2006). Also, the career is characterized with occasional travelling, working under pressure and the ability to respond to different questions including offensive ones. For instance, when the client is under public “attack,” it is the mandate of his or her PR to strike a level ground between the two parties so as to safeguard the client’s good reputation.

PR Activity Example

A good example of a PR activity done by dkcnews is planning and increasing publicity of the Nobel Peace Concert (dkcnews, n.d.). There exist a multitude of individuals in the entertainment niche, all striving for fame whether it is in the media or just in public social gatherings. However, it might be difficult to try to achieve such a dream by oneself. That is the point at which the firm comes in. The firm has an experienced workforce of professionals that are well versed with the entertainment industry and understand how to work within it in order to ensure that their clients’ reputation blossom. The PR consultants seek to ensure that whether a client who is need of being in front of the camera, behind the microphone or simply make appropriate organization and management of the process, realizes his or her goals.


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