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Briefing Note for Minister: Department Of Ministry of Environment

World Environment Day launch

Briefing Note for the Minister: Department of Ministry of Environment

World Environment Day launch


The aim of this briefing note is to notify the minister of the environmental issues relating to South Australia in respect to the forth-coming World’s Environment Day. This meeting has been arranged by the National Environmental Agency. The aim of the meeting is to resolve the differences between the public and the federal government concerning the environmental problems. It will be significant for the government’s literacy scheme; hence, the minister will take queries from the media during the question session. The main broadcast media interviews will be from the Australian Broadcasting Cooperation and the New Corp Australia.

Summary of the Target Publics and Stake Holders

Representatives from private organizations involved in biodiversity conservation campaigns are expected to attend the World Environment Day launch. The guests will include the Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs Ministers, different environment professors from various universities, as well as climate analysts and delegates. Various media personalities are expected to be present. Also, the general public will follow the events live on a National television.

Directions and Agenda

On the World’s Environment Day, the Minister is expected to resolve the indifferences between the public and the federal government. The Minister will achieve this by assuring the public that the government is working to address the serious environmental issues faced by the South Australia residents. Also, he will achieve a resolution by pointing out the measures that the government has already put to address this problem. The agenda of the meeting will include three main issues:

  • The government is doing less in demonstration of leadership in dealing with the environmental problems in South Australia. The minister is expected to answer questions regarding on this issue.

  • The environment awareness costs are estimated $ 8 billion every year. The public need assurance that this money is always channeled to the purposed use. The minister is expected to address this issue and clear all the possible doubts which may include misuse of funds.

  • The federal government should create additional programs to successful address the environment issues. The minister will discuss the plans the federal government is planning to adopt so as to have a long-term solution to the environment issues.

The meeting will be held on 5th May 2014, at the Wayne’s Conference Centre. It is expected to begin at 1100 hours with each agenda taking a maximum of 90 minutes. The Wayne’s conference centre is located in the City of Adelaide in South Australia. The minister should bear in mind that; The Australian government has constantly offered all the legitimate efforts in accomplishment of long term solutions to the environment issues in Australia. However, these problems have not been fully solved. The Australian guiding principle towards environment conservation has been avoidance of activities which to depletion of natural resources. The climate issue is the main political discussion point in Australia in the past twenty years. Constant famine and water scarcity during the first years of the 21st century are the unusual occasions caused by the mainstream media to climate transformation (Fisher 2010).

The minister should point out that Australia is among the leading countries in the world in relation to greenhouse gas emissions. The current government has stated that climate change in Australia is attributed to harmful gas emissions. Out of the $ 8 billion allocated for environment conservation, none of the funds has been diverted to a different use. All has been used for that purpose. Some groups and organizations address campaigns to discourage mining and similar activities in Australia and such campaigns are extensively discussed by the media. Additionally, these campaigns discourage the wind energy systems on the basis of local visual and noise pollution.

During the meeting, the Minister is expected to answer three Australian broadcast media interviews. The Australian Broadcasting Cooperation will query the ministry concerning the current efforts being made by the government to address the environment problem, while the New Corp Australia will address the issue on how the use of the budget allocated to solving environmental issues. Any other media house will address the issue on why the Australian government has failed to provide a long-term solution to the environmental problems in Australia.


The aim of this meeting will be;

  • Settle issues between the public and the federal government concerning the environmental issues facing the people of South Australia.

  • Ensure that the public gains trust in the federal government in solving the environmental problems.

  • Address the possible queries raised by the public through the broadcasting media houses about government involvement in environmental issues


According to the latest report by the Climate Assessment Delegates, Australia is among the main exporter and coal consumer. The combustion of coal leads to liberation of carbon dioxide. In the recent years, Australia has been ranked among the highest CO2 emitters, emitting 16.5 Tones per capita. It is in a high risk of climate change. Due to the presence of abundant native coal, majority of Australia’s electricity requirement relies on coal-fired thermal generation (Fisher 2010). It is also contributed to the restricted possibility for hydro-electric power production and political reluctance to utilize native uranium resources for use in carbon neutral home nuclear power plan. Biodiversity conservation in Australia is a concern of the state and the national strategy.

In recognition of the federal government and the private sectors tasks, the federal government might have failed in showing leadership in the environmental issues, in Australia. The major issue is the biodiversity conservation, mainly by defending the remaining natural forests. Activities such as land clearance are a major hindrance to environment conservation in Australia (Fisher 2010). During the meeting, the minister is expected to address the measures put in place by the government to reduce the clearance of the natural forests.

In the recent years, the Australian government has worked in collaboration with private organizations through grants, in order to achieve the desired success in environment conservation. Also, it has launched programs aimed at educating the public on the issues of biodiversity conservation and the possible risks on continued climate change.

Key considerations

The government has warned that continued climate alteration in Australia will intensify drought exerting pressure on water reservoirs, and creation of substitute water sources. The major recommendation for addressing the environment issue is that; the Minister for Environment gathers with the territorial government representatives in this ministry throughout the South Australia region to develop a powerful strategy that will address the environmental problems. The strategy should:

  • Recognize the regions and territories as bearing the major accountability for public awareness and education concerning the environmental issues

  • Set up cooperative financial support and funding periods

  • Establish the liberation means, lay down the goals, and set up techniques for outcome evaluation.

Line of take

A query session card is in preparation for the minister. Possible queries and corresponding answers are also in preparation, in eagerness of potential media scrums. The executive government reply will be created in the structure of a Memorandum of cabinet, which your executives have guide-on. Up to that stage when the official government answers are created and permitted by the cabinet, the below is the strategic approach for responding to queries:

  • Show gratitude to the research committee for its finding (the government will evaluate the findings keenly and make an official response to the recommendations).

  • Address that it is factual that the government budgets $8 for use in addressing the environment issues annually, which is channeled to different programs such as public awareness.

  • Tell again to the inquirers about the government’s commitment in building a sustainable environment for both the present and future generations.

  • Also, retell that the government will keep on working with all associates to attend to the environment problem, though regions have the legitimate accountability for education. Involved are also the non-governmental organizations, volunteers, and workers.

List of anticipated questions

  • Question: Why does the government restrict water in drought seasons in South Australia?

Answer: Waterways protection is among the main concerns in Australia for diverse grounds that include; habitation, biodiversity and utilization by human. For instance, the Murray-Darling Basin is at risk due to the increased levels of irrigation in the region (Fisher 2010). In the drought seasons, water is restricted in attempts to conserve.

  • Question: What is the government doing to reduce the increased levels of heavy metals in the water catchment area?

Answer: Untenable waste management is a major problem in Australia. Main issues are large amounts of e-wastes and poisonous wastes finding way into landfills. Australia does not have policies that restrict the dumping of toxic wastes, unlike other countries. Such wastes include the Cathode Ray tubes which lead to leeching of heavy metals into water reservoirs. The government is working to develop regulatory policies.


The audience is unlikely to take any choice on the multifaceted issues raised during the query session. However, if questions on more actions put in place by the government arise, it is suggested that the minister assumes the following stand.

  • The Minister should sustain the view that the government is working constantly and extensively to deal with the environmental issues in Australia.

  • Recommend that the variety of problems addressed in the previous environment survey report concerning the failure of the government in biodiversity conservation be further checked up from the scientific perspective.

  • Propose the assessment approval by the government environmental committee already put in place for this role. The committee will also aim at recommending strategies that the government may easily adopt.


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