Public Relations Essay Example

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Public Relations

Public Relations

Kathlyn Knights recommendations towards improving the approach of breaking a larger public relations outcome into measurable goals is based on creating clear and detailed objectives that facilitate execution of the plan. Knight emphasizes on specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time based (SMART) goals which is the basis of public relations success and planning. Public relations encompass various activities and processes that are aimed at communicating critical messages to some target audience (Theaker, 2016). Therefore, planning on how to deliver such a message effectively and successfully is very important to ensure the desired outcomes are realized. The establishment of SMART goals in public relations is as important as making decisions on the steps towards realizing these goals.

The main weakness of the recommendation by Kathyln Knight is its inability to provide the necessary steps towards achieving public relations goals and objectives. Knight only recommends SMART goals which is an important aspect of public relations but the goals must be supported by creative decision making processes and activities that focus on achieving these goals through continuous improvement and commitment (Theaker, 2016). On the other hand, the recommendation an important and major aspect of the entire public relations function as it ensures specific and measurable goals are established that can be realized within a given or stipulated period. This promotes the key constituents of public relations to ensure effective communications and positive relationships that interact to achieve some predetermined goals. Integrated efforts and activities must therefore come into play in public relations and a comprehensive execution plan developed; creativity is also a valuable aspect and improves the overall decision making process in public relation activities. Knight’s recommendation is a primary component of public relations, however, the integration of strategies and processes to achieve the smart goals and execution plan remains critical elements towards success.


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