Public Relation

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Public Relation

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

IMC Objectives

There are several objectives that Vibes launch integrated marketing communication plan will consider. These objectives will be aligned with promotion strategy that will be utilized during the event. These objectives include

  1. To attract media coverage for Vibes restaurant and have over 5000 viewers in food pages to attract potential customers.

  2. To get mailing list of over 150 potential customers so that we can update them about new menus and discount.

  3. To earn about $2,000 on the first day of its operation and increase 10 % sales per month in the first year of its operation

  4. To get potential customers into the restaurant and see how pleasant it looks and sample over 50% of our tapas menu and cocktail list.

Positioning and key messages

Vibes restaurant is pleasant place and will serve a dual purpose by providing dining for the family from its various tapas menu, as well as an area when young people meet for a cocktail with a youthful, beachy ambiance and superior service at affordable prices. A Vibes meals is unique, trendy and cosmopolitan experience offering eclectic meals featuring Australian cuisines and cocktail lists. The tapas menu and cocktails are creative and of high quality. At vibes we ensure that the environment is entertaining and appealing with unbeatable food quality, where both families and young people can dine, unwind and relax after a long day of work. In this regard, Vibes restaurant is like no other in Fremantle town.

Key messages to customers

The key messages directed to all customers are simple and straightforward statements that they should be aware. Vibes caters to all customers interested in various tapas menu and cocktails. The restaurant menu features moderately priced tapas menu as well as a cocktail hour at sunset as well as late night.

Employees Key message

The key message directed to all staffs is that Vibes restaurant emphasizes on customer experience to enhance the connectedness between customers and the brand (Vollmer & Precourt, 2008).

PR and Marketing Tools

The event aims to create exposure to reach its primary audience, those aged between 18 and 28, and secondary audience aged between 28 and 45. Vibes restaurant will use various marketing tools

Interactive and Social Media

Vibes restaurant promote its products through Facebook page and website to enable customers to become more involved with the business itself (Cornelissen & Lock, 2000). The social media platform and the company website feature products and advertising campaigns, discounts and giveaways, meals that are offered as well as hours of operation. Social media is a suitable tool for marketing, particularly to the primary target audience as it allows customers to comment on services or meals, allowing Vibes to meet customer’s expectation (Kotler, 2003).

The Vibes restaurant launch also bring together all groups of people in mass numbers. Also, the restaurant is participating in this event to build its brand awareness. Such events are expected to attract sponsorship that are be happy to be associated with their products and services, as well as strengthen communities’ ties in the town. The launch event targets its primary and secondary target audience that can directly lead to attaining the overall objectives of awareness and customer purchases.

Financial Plan

All budgetary information including expenses and income is listed here.

Public Relation

Source: (Shone & Parry 2004, 109)

Individual Reflection

This unit I have learned about the significance of public relation in event management. I have come to understand that every organization in public and private sectors makes use of public relations in some form or another. In fact, in marketing public relation is one of the most significant activities. Also, the knowledge PR event management is crucial to understand better and use public relation. I believe the most valuable materials for this assignment is the integrated marketing communication because I realized that if an event is effectively managed, it can act as a promotional tool to launch a product or service. For this reason, it is important to understand the core values to be used in each and every element and decision to achieve the required results. Integrated marketing communication provides the necessary methods and tools to understand communication process to ensure that a strong relationship is maintained between the target audience and the organization through public relations (Weick & Sutcliffe, 2005). In other words, without integrated marketing communication an event will fail. It assists the event manager to ensure that the event manager can communicate messages regularly to the audience and use communication appropriate channels to reach them.

However, we had challenges as a team when doing the work. For instance, we could spend a lot of time before we get started. However, we decided to divide our task into subtasks which could be handled individually and later combine our ideas. Moreover, as an individual, I had flexibility challenges as this assignment required much time and efforts. Therefore, we could research individually and then meet up as a team at a later date.

This assignment has helped to deepen my skills in PR event management. I have realized that marketing communication helps the organizer to build awareness among the event stakeholders. As a result, it helps to build a strong and lasting relationship that will benefit both the event organizers and the event stakeholders. In other words, marketing communication ensures that events goal and objectives are met through effective communication with all stakeholders (Percy, 2008). Some tasks required you to be creative and innovative, and therefore, we had to think outside the box to come up with a solution. This means that we had to solve any problem or challenge that we encountered creatively.

Although we had some challenges, the coordination costs together were significant. Even though, the team took the time to coordinate schedule, make decisions collectively, integrate the members, arrange meetings; finally, we were able to achieve a lot together through sharing and discussions. As a result, we were able to meet deadlines, and our work was very well integrated, and the team was highly motivated, and thus we were able to achieve a lot. Also, we were given some part of the assignment to research individually and later discuss as a group to increase individual accountability. Furthermore, before we started group work the group leader established clear expectations from each one of us by setting the rules. Each group member was expected to participate actively in the discussions.


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