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Counterargument to Tanisha Elston’s opinion

Sadness and depression

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Depression is just a psychological condition, which can be controlled by a person, thus not a serious problem. Ultimately, sadness is not a common emotional situation experienced by all humans because it is a choice in life (Goldberg, 2016). Sadness and depression might be different conditions, but they are both mental, thus determined by one’s decisions of either being happy about something or being sad about the same thing. Sadness cannot be addressed by a third party, but only requires the one feeling sad to adjust and develop happiness. Nonetheless, depression can only ruin one’s life is one chooses to feel sad for a long period. Being sad does not require counseling or therapy, but requires one to identify the situations leading to the sadness and resolving that particular situation (Goldberg, 2016). This is the same with going to a clinical setting with depression; whereby long-term therapy or medication are not needed to cope with the condition but one needs to think positively about things.

Sadness is not an emotion that all people can face in life because some people choose to be happy always. The situation behind feeling sad is not always challenging, but this depends on one’s mentality. Depression is just a psychological condition, but not serious because one can choose to avoid sadness (Goldberg, 2016). When depression is managed, it cannot have prolonged effect on one’s health. One can choose not to change one’s personality and behavior despite having a depressive disorder. Not all things lead to a feeling of sadness to people with depression since some things make them happy. It is possible to find the reasoning following the sadness and drain feelings. Sadness and depression are related and are dealt similarly in a clinical setting because sadness triggers depression (Goldberg, 2016).


Goldberg, D. (2016). The Current Status of the Diagnosis of Depression. In Sadness or Depression? (pp. 17-27). Springer Netherlands.

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