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Direct selling seems to be one the channels that Amway has used in their development and maintenance of a global marketing operation. The major merit of direct selling is that the customers have the opportunity to test and try their products in a relaxed manner and thus quality is assured (Rosenbloom 2010). Also through the Amway approach in regard to direct selling the independent business owners have a perfect opportunity to focus more on delivering the products direct to the customer as opposed to the customer having to visit the premises. Direct selling in itself offers a guarantee as well as after sales services for the consumer and thus the customers tends to feel more valued. Also through the use of IBOs the company products seem to be easily available to the customers of the products and thus they do not have to incur great costs when trying to import from another country.

The other channel is the internet. Through the use of the internet Amway have been able to expand their operations in a number of countries around the globe. Based on this, Amway can be able to make interactions and business relations with a great number of people in various countries (Panda & Sahadev 2005). In a way Amway will be able to get a greater number of customers at with no additional cost. Another merit of the use of the internet is that it tends to be a more efficient and less costly way to promote a company’s product.


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