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Project Title: Application of social media on special education

Project Description: Social media has become an integral in daily activities and the benefits associated with the technology can be embraced by special education programs. However, minimal information is available illustrating how social media and special education programs correlate. Hence, information technology has been utilised in education but social media has not been maximised on special education programs.

Research Questions:

  • Whether social media can be integrated into special education.

  • Contribution of social media in special education

  • Challenges that may be associated with integrating social media with special education

  • Proposition of appropriate framework of integrating social media with special education

Research Design: Literature across numerous educational databases would be searched with the terms “social media”, “special education” and “education”. The information collected will be utilised to analyse the likely application of social media on special education. Moreover, social media will be analysed from different perspectives with the aim of understanding its application to persons with different special education requirements.

Description of Proposed Outcomes

The proposed outcome of the study is to determine whether it is possible to integrate social media with special education. Understanding the application of social media on special education will provide a framework or platform to determine whether the two components can be integrated and form a new mechanism of assisting students with special needs.