Proposal Critique 3 Essay Example

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Proposal Critique 3

The section appealed to me from a variety of angles, given that the language used was flawless as well as an abundance of details on important segments. The formative evaluation segment is impressive, with the authors highlighting its primacy in maximizing program efficiency. Further, the evaluation is crafted in a manner that illuminates and explains the workings of the program’s various facets, which in turn facilitates quality content upgrade, as well as assessing and bolstering program execution. Identification of the specific objectives of the proposal helps formulate mechanisms assessing issues raised by both the target population, as well as the participating health practitioners. The comprehensive six-month period before implementation of the pilot program, during which personnel workshops, as well as community surveys occur provides ample time for both staff and targeted clientele to familiarize with the Mom & Baby Alliance.

While mixed methods of research are beneficial by the virtue of avoiding limitations of a singular design, its choice should be carefully implemented, especially given that it is time intensive in its multiple evaluations. Further, the different designs may produce varying evidence, necessitating reconciliation by the research team. Paramount care is of the essence, therefore, in safeguarding efficient implementation of the program despite increased workload. The team struck an effective voice in their writing, expressing its ideas in concise sentences, facilitating easy understanding.

The formative section addresses appropriate questions relating to the structure of the program, such as evaluation of the best forums to reach the target group or the possibility of recruiting and engaging young Latina girls into the program during their first trimester of pregnancy. Focus groups, surveys as well as workshops are identified as the methods of evaluation, with activity logs, interviews as well as surveys being the central forms of data collection. While I could not find justification for the choice of formative evaluation methods, the team did include appendices for clinician program evaluation, patient program survey as well as the trivia night survey form. Conduct of the formative evaluation 6 months prior to the pilot program is logical, to allow time for familiarization of both audience and staff involved in the project. Clinical instructors, guest speakers, health educators as well as volunteer all have a slated place in the program, each matched in situations that exploit their specific strengths and expertise.

The process evaluation sufficiently covers the planning, implementation and management processes, where addressed issues include whether the program reaches the targeted audience, inquiry on the implementation of program activities, as well as the satisfaction levels of all the parties to the program. Process objectives targeted include exploration of perceptions, communication barriers as well as beliefs held by the target population. Data collection utilizes activity logs and interview results in tracking attendance, efficiency and utility of the program. While the justification for the process evaluation objectives is wanting, the program outlines level of financial constraint as well as access to means of transportation to doctor’s appointments in drawing conclusions. Process evaluation is planned for the implementation period, logically constituting the primary stage of the program.

The outcome evaluation stage of the program objectifies improved satisfaction from prenatal care as well as physician visits, as well as reducing stress through the provision of strategies in defeating language and financial constraints facing young, pregnant Latina women. Focus groups, interviews as well as survey’s constitute study methods and design, appropriate in gathering the socially sensitive data required by the program. Costs are an important omission in this program, as the team requires an estimate of required quantities in facilitating smooth implementation of program activities. If found the overall plan for outcome evaluation compelling, given it addresses the key pillars necessary in its implementation. With the addition of a proposed budget, I would fund the proposal.

The executive summary is an adequate snapshot of the entire program, with the goals and targeted milestones clearly outlined. Evidence-based interventions are stipulated, where challenges facing young, pregnant Latino women targeted through the program encompass assessment, education as well as support in a group setting of women within a comparable range of due dates. By basing its activities in established health facilities, as well as utilization of practicing personnel, the program is on a strong platform for establishing sustainable assistance for the target group over the unforeseeable future.