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(TIS-P v2) Tproposal hematic Independent Study Proposal Form

This is a working document to focus on the purpose and structure of student essays, which reflects the intent and outlook of their research. It is quite likely and permissible that as students progress with their essays, several aspects of content, direction or emphasis of their essay will change. It is vitally important that students keep their academic supervisor informed of any such changes – as such changes may require students to reconsider any or all of the content of this proposal form.

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Briefly describe your research topic for Essay 1Section 1:

The research topic is to identify the recruitment, selection and induction process which organizations need to adopt so that they are able to determine the mechanism through which correct hiring of people takes place. The research concentrates on indentifying the basic things which needs to be included in all the process and also stresses on the need of having different process based on the different needs of the organization. The research brings forward the different methods of recruitment, selection and induction process which forms part of every organization. This has helped to identify the different core factors which are part of the recruitment, selection and induction process and the manner in which business effectiveness and changes are witnessed in the hiring process. The research will help organizations to improve their recruitment, selection and induction process as it will garner a path through which different aspect will be included and will help to improve the overall mechanism of hiring people.

Briefly outline any frameworks, theories or models you anticipate using: Section 2:

The research has looked to identify the different patterns which are globally accepted and the research is based on secondary sources. The findings from different research is bring used to find out the manner in which recruitment, selection and induction process can be improved and changes can be made and moulded based on the different needs and requirements of the organization. The framework which has been followed is one where linkage has been developed between recruitment, selection and induction process so that one process leads to the other and provides a basis through which the different dimensions which impact the hiring process can be understood. The overall impetus of the research is thereby towards finding out the different areas and dimensions which will help to facilitate and improve the process of achieving better results and multiplying the overall effectiveness of hiring people.

rovide main authors and themes relevant to your topic. Briefly pSection 3:

Some of the different sources which have been used and is relevant to the area of research are

4th ed. Harlow: FT Prentice Hall. Work Psychology: Understanding human behaviour in the workplace Arnold, J. (2005).

(3), 294–311 Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 67Cable, D. & Judge, T. (2006). Person-organization fit, job choice decisions, and organizational entry.

(3rd ed.). Orlando, FL: Dryden PressHuman Resource Selection . Selection interviews: Process perspectivesDipboye, R. (2002).

(2nd ed.) 873–919Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Vol. 2 Hogan, R. (2001). Personality and personality measurement. In M.D. Dunnette & L.M. Hough (Eds.),

Paper presented at the 8th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, San Francisco, CAAssessing organizational fit in employee selection. Ryan, A. & Schmit, M. (2003).

ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillanth, 4Work Organizations: A critical approachThompson, P. and McHugh, D. (2009).

The different themes which the different authors and work provided are related to the manner in which overall changes and dimensions are being witnessed in the hiring process. This will help to understand the core areas which the different research has identified and will help to come to a conclusive conclusion regarding the manner in which different factors and aspect has an impact on the hiring process and different things which needs to be included so that the mechanism which has been adopted improves and provides better understanding of the different business environment.

dentify opportunities for further study in Essay 2 and/or gaps in research understanding that will refine your research questions.ISection 4:

The research which has been carried out looks to provides a general perspective of the different factors and areas which needs to be included while designing the recruitment, selection and induction process. The research provides a general idea of the different things which have to be included. This provides an opportunity where future research can be carried out by looking towards an organization or an industry where specific process of recruitment, selection and induction process is being used. This is an area which can be further researched as it will provide useful information pertaining to a particular industry or organization and will show the different dimensions and aspects which needs to be included in the recruitment, selection and induction process. This will help to understand the application of the different methods in a real organization and will provide useful impetus regarding the manner in which the organization is able to gain due to it. This will thereby help to improve the understanding and having applicability in the real organization will magnify the overall value of the research.

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