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Propaganda Analysis: Politically Minded Chloe Grace Moretz Hits Campaign Trail for Hillary Clinton in Nevada


Propaganda involves use of information to influence how people think. Propaganda in the mass media is used in order to convince people to do something, to convince people to buy something, or to gain support for a particular cause. Propaganda is an intentional effort to spread views and ideas so as to influence view points and opinions. Bias is something that the reader has to reason about when people give their opinions (Freeley & David, 32). This is a critical propaganda review about Chloe Grace Moretz and her political view. The mass media is a major player in the democratic society (dailymail.com).

The daily mail uses Chloe as a mass influencer to campaign for Hillary Clinton through the use of her twitter account. The daily mail uses Chloe as a model to presume choices and interests of the society. Chloe is a well-known actress with various films under her name. Chloe is a celebrity in the society and has the power of influencing people over the social media. Chloe has celebrity power to influence people to follow her decision. The author uses visual disclosure to attract readers. Social media is known addiction all over the world. Chloe has over two million followers in twitter. Chloe’s Instagram account has over five million followers. According to Freeley and David (39) social media is the only place where you can find a multitude of people. Media houses use the website to take advantage of this population to advertise and influence people to make certain decisions. Chloe’s Instagram account uses audio visual disclosures to attract readers.

The media article propaganda operates in a pluralist society. A pluralist society is a society that allows a democracy in the society. Pluralists’ societies allow a wide range of political views and opinions (Herman and Chomsky, 22). Pluralism fosters a peaceful existence of different lifestyles, convictions and interests. Pluralism recognizes political diversity in the society. Members of the society have different tastes and preferences when it comes to political opinions and views (Freeley and David, 38) Chloe is a young person who likes politics. Unlike many other young adults she prefers politics rather than parties and other leisure activities. Chloe has an opportunity to influence other members of her society who are of the age of 19-30 years.

In a pluralism mode of view, the mass media is seen a way of securing freedom rights of citizens (Dijck, 63). The mass media is used to protect the rights of the pubic in forming opinions and views that influence the activities of a government. Chloe is used as an agent for the youth to sway them to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S.A election. The target audience is the youth aged between 19-30 years. The item focuses on using the elite society to influence the votes of the society. The daily mail produced this article. This articles aims at capturing the youthful audience who will in turn increase their sales.

The daily mail has fostered that it solely owns the article on Chloe supporting Hillary Clinton in running for the presidential seat. The daily mail states that the story was published after a thorough independent investigation. The daily mail states that the article was produced out of mere facts. The article creates a reality objective. Herman and Chomsky in 1988 presented ownership as propaganda filter (Soules, 17). Ownership filter acts as a trend that the media has used to integrate conglomeration and media concentration. The ownership status allows the media house to grow, expand and diversify their risks in the media market (Stanley, 21). The article also uses advertising filter to attract readers.

Most newspapers and magazines use advertising to cover their costs. The article uses Chloe to advertise the clothes that she is wearing. The article written by the dailymail.com is barely one page of length. The web page is characterized by a many large photographs which out do the word content on the page. The author uses camera angles to bring out attractive pictures that attract readers into reviewing the article. The author also uses sourcing tin order to stay relevant in the social media. The author concentrates on the campaign activities which is the latest activity going on in America.

Herman and Chomsky’s filter model regards sources of media as biased and serves only the interest of the media houses as they seek to make news that serves mostly their interests of making profits. The web article uses flak as a way of creating campaign for Hillary Clinton as the best presidential candidate supported by the celebrity against other candidate competing in the presidential race. Audio Visual disclosure is used by the author to in order to attract a certain demographic population to view the article. The main disclosure the author uses is visual disclosure. The fifth filter that the author uses is anti-communism filter. Anti-communism is used by the media houses to control what happens in the social media. The web uses a non-violent way to create a group that follows Hillary Clinton campaign trail

An alternative article in the Inquisitr.com by David uses testimonials or endorsement to show that Chloe has endorsed Hillary Clinton as a good presidential candidate for the 2016 United States Presidential election. Compared to other articles done by the Mirror on celebrities like Chloe who is supporting Hillary Clinton on her campaign trail, the author of the Inquisitr.com is more focused on the celebrity status and features rather than the content. The author of the Inquisitr.com focused more on the speech given by Chloe. The author uses visual techniques such as camera angles to capture the attention of the reader (David, Inquisitor.com).


Chloe is used to associate herself with Hillary Clinton as a way of showing that even celebrities have endorsed her as an acceptable candidate. Chloe Instagram account acts as a media disclosure to attract readers into liking her following. The visual effects used in the article are emotionally compelling and many young adults would like to associate themselves with the celebrity. For celebrity testimonials, the intention is to associate the product with a popular person who then influences the decision of a certain group (Goss, 50).


The article has over 900 shares in the Facebook. Chloe’s social media account, that is Instagram and Twitter, have over three million followers. Chloe’s Instagram account has over two million followers and more than one thousand people following her daily. The article has thirty seven (37) positive feedbacks from the readers. To some extent the visual disclosure used and the testimonials have positively influenced the political decision of some individuals. The article uses beauty to persuade people to follow her decision. The author depicts that Chloe is very happy with her decision in the pictures. Chloe is pictured ever smiling, calm, and collected. She appears to way out of her age league. Beauty is a type of propaganda that is used to influence people to follow a certain ideology (Bolt, 12). Beautiful people persuade other people to buy a product or service that will make them look more like the person advertising the product.


Propaganda is a successful way of persuading individuals. This article uses visual disclosure and celebrity testimonials on the social media to persuade the public especially the youth to vote for Hillary Clinton. Propaganda is used by media houses to attract and influence the readers or consumers to associate themselves with particular products and services in order to create completion and make profit (Stanley, 25).

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