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The happiness ideal and the pursuit of it has turned into a powerful crusade in the twentieth century. “ Self esteem” and “emotional literacy” are the key points subdivided into several elements. Momentary positive emotions comprise of pleasure, contentment, glee, flow, hope and ecstasy. The evolution towards endowing positive emotions comprises of functions beyond momentary relief. Everyone searches a path to reach this quest of building long lasting positive emotions in abundance. Many turn to the psychology field, but psychology has neglected positivism, with a focus on negative aspects like sadness. Happiness levels can hardly be determined through circumstances or living conditions but rather the mind condition of positivity. The contention of positivity ingrained is that the state of happiness is more of a personal choice, that cannot be taught.

In the study of longevity and happiness, nuns became the focus subjects of study. Understanding the length of life and conditions that lengthen or shorten it poses a complex scientific problem. In two contrasting life environments of natural settings versus urban settings and lifestyles, the factors surrounding causes of longevity in the natural versus urban lifestyles cannot be isolated. Nuns on the other hand live common lives that are sheltered, food diets that are regular and the same, no alcohol or any form of toxicity in any other compare in the same socio economic class. Yet in a study ,the ones with a more positive outlook on life lived longer. Even in photo albums, different smiles can be distinguished, authentic and the “Duchene” momentary smiles. When investigated the individuals with genuine smiles lived longer and had better marital statuses. All strive towards knowing actual functions of positive emotions, how they get disabled, and methods to build long lasting emotions that are positive. Giving is a potent powerful element that rewards with gratification beyond measure.


Commonly debated are the roots of happiness, if it is seeded from kindness or pleasurable experiences. Momentary short-lived pleasure is experienced through “ short cut” pathways like entertainment, drugs, shopping, television and a myriad of others. By exercising strengths and virtues and not float into shortcut, short-lived paths leads to authenticity .The act of kindness is lasting gratification in contrast to momentary pleasures. Virtues comprise of several elements, courage, knowledge and wisdom, humanity , love, temperance, justice, transcendence and spirituality. Many turn to psychology, but psychology has neglected positive effects. Most focus is on negativity and relief methods and not on positive methods. Personal virtues and strength are key factors. Generous behaviour fulfils many needs like safety, security and love. It also reduces illnesses, lowers depression; love that is unselfish enhances health


In Pursuit of happiness by Frank Furet states that the crusade for happiness forces a mental level on individuals ‘Its advocates insist on making us happy whether we like it or not’. It may be a personal pursuit but not a pursuit that is undesirable at any point. All aspire to happiness, the pathways are challenging . Differences of paths towards reaching that ideal do differ ,based on the self-definition or where perceived happiness lies. Once there is an initiative to condition the mind ,successfully training and understanding the workings of the mind learning can take shape to image life into desired levels of happiness .


Happiness, love, and other dimensions of positivity are ultimately personally defined according to personal background settings and status. The final attainment of positivity therefore resurrects itself variably on each individual.


Courage, knowledge and wisdom, humanity and love, temperance, justice, transcendence and spirituality are the main connecting themes. Education evolving in the twenty first century promotes positive campaigns of happiness attainment structures. The happiness project ‘s main focus is on the emotional managing. Impressionable kids are easier to persuade towards influencing emotions than those that have reached adulthood.

Schools serve as ideal labs for happiness experimentation. Educators embraced the agenda of happiness to resolve problems that face schools. Behavior management tools are common in the form of «emotional literacy” with self-esteem.


There are basically three levels of the mind, the “subconscious”, the “conscious” and then the

super conscious. The subconscious is power without any direction. It follows the direction of strong images that are carried out in detail. Many conclusions in several disciplines have indicated that maintaining a positive outlook will define successes in bridging many life gaps.