Project Time Management Essay Example

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Project Time Management


CIO wants to improve their service to customer by implementing IT in their business operations. This paper shows time management for the implementation of IT in their operations.

Program schedule standards

A program schedule is used to shows the activities and duration that are used in a program development. The following are the standards for program schedule

  1. Each program deliverable will appear by its name in the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).

  2. Major Deliverables will contain start and end milestones.

  3. There will be application of schedule changes and reschedule in the week that they happen.

  4. Schedule constraints will be assigned to milestones and there will be an explanation.

Program master schedule

A program master schedule is used to highlight major activities, milestones and main deliverables in a program. The figure below shows a master schedule for CIO project. I used project network diagram to develop master schedule.

Activity Description Duration (Weeks)

A problem identification 1

B system analysis 2

C system development and design 2

D system testing 3

E implementation 2

F training 1

G project closure and handover 1

Project Time ManagementProject Time Management 1

1wk 2wks 3wks 1wk 1wkProject Time Management 5Project Time Management 4Project Time Management 3Project Time Management 2

2wks 2wksProject Time Management 6

Program risk register inputs

A risk is anything that would have a negative impact on a program or project in case it happens. The table below shows a risk register involved in this program


Agreed management strategy



Potential impact

Monitoring Plan

Completeness risk

Ensure that all data are captured accurately

employees should provide accurate data

some data not being available

Call a review

Data loss

An investigation on all business data should be done.

Archive all current data

Some data missing

Ensure there is an available backup

Employees not cooperating

Involve all employees in the upgrading process

System rejection

Involve employees so that they appreciate new technological upgrade.

Program roadmap update

The figure below shows a roadmap for CIO program which is updated regularly

Initial activities

Project Time Management 7

Development of technology road

Project Time Management 8

Follow up activities

Program schedule control procedure

To perform project schedule control for CIO program the following steps will be followed

  1. Determine the factors that can cause change in the program schedule and they must be agreed on.

  2. Verify that there are changes in the schedule

  3. Finally, manage the actual changes in the schedule as they happen.

Lessons learned on time management from this project are; you should be focused on the main vision of the project. This may done by ding regular meetings with the team members to remind everyone why you are carrying out the project. You should write down the program top priorities. Ensure that you follow schedule and activities are completed on time. Ensure that every day you tackle both small and large tasks. Stop multitasking and perform one task at a time.

I would pass lessons learned to higher project authority by documenting them and ensuring that they are published.

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