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Project Proposal

Rural Community Development Project

The title of the project proposal is rural community development Initiative. The scope of the project is to address certain needs or problems that are experienced in the rural communities. Community development project proposal involves various activities that may be incorporated in a community to find solutions to address the needs, wants and assets of a community (Green, 2015). The community experiences different problems that require solutions. The community project proposal has a connection with my community interests. My primary interest is to help in the provision of the necessary help that the rural communities require. It involves establishing various strategies of development in the rural communities that will enhance their growth. The project proposal provides me with many ideas and strategies that I can apply to enhance developments within various rural communities.

The project of rural community development has many aims. It has an aim of improving fairness and freedom of people within the community and their capability to attain the human needs that are basic. The second aim of the project proposal is to address and find solutions to the economic challenges that people face in their daily living within the community (Stoecker, 2012). It focuses on the removal of obstacles that people face in the rural communities. This project proposal also has an aim of enhancing the growth of the rural communities through analysis of the social and economic problems that affect the community and are obstacles to its growth. The proposal is based on the provision of funds in form of loans or grants to members of the rural communities. (Stoecker, 2012). The community supports us and therefore through this project proposal, we can give back our services by offering cheaper loans to the community and this enhances its development.

If the project undergoes implementation, then it requires certain personnel and resources for it to be accomplished (Kim, 2007). For the success of the project, it needs the involvement of many members of the community who can identify various specific problems affecting the rural communities. Community members are the primary personnel of the project proposal. Other personnel required for accomplishment of the project plan include trained people or accounting professionals that will keep track of the financial records. They will identify the best strategies that can be used to distribute the loans as per the request of community members. The loans or grants given may be used by members of rural community for various purposes. For example, to improve the status of the housing, facilities of the community, providing proper child care facilities and other community facilities that are beneficial.

The project proposal of rural community development is made using the nonnumeric selection method called the operating/competitive necessity. The method is based on identifying the necessity or the needs in a society or a group of people that require a proposal of a project to provide solutions Kim, 2007). In this case, the community development project will address the needs and challenges that affect the rural communities by offering loans that they can utilize in different ways. The project will be beneficial to many people in the community especially to those with many economic challenges.


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