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6Project Management

Project Management


The attitudes that people have are determined by a few attitudes which they hold strongly. There are a few universal problems that every society grapples with. The solutions to such problems differ from one community to another. Some of the important issues that come into play in regard to human relations are how such people deal with the issue of nature, time and how they treat each other. Also important in relationships between people is what motivates people in being the way they are and what the nature of such a person is. There are answers that have been proposed regarding the issues that raise differences between people who have different cultural backgrounds (Gray & Larson 2000, p.543). The theory developed by Kluckhohn and Strodbeck has undergone testing in diverse cultures. The theory comes in handy when carrying out negotiations between groups with different ethnicities so as to enable them get to understand each other. The theory developed by Kluckhohn and Strodbeck is also relevant in looking into how values changes across generations as a result of migration.


Cross-cultural psychology aims to achieve two key aims. The first is to get to understand the differences that exist between people who are drawn from cultures that are different. The other aim is to comprehend the similarities that exist between every human being. People seek similarities at every level. There are different criteria used to deduce whether people are similar. There are different forms taken by cultural norms. Some are fixed and this relates to for example the type of clothing that is deemed acceptable for a particular occasion. Cultural norms are also determined by abstract and sometimes complex ideas such as religion (Gray & Larson 2000, p.544).

One vital type of norm is the concept people have of themselves relative to other people as well as objects. This is determined by how people think of the concept of other people’s human nature. Opinions that people hold also determine such as in politics also determine how people perceive of one another. Social psychologists have for a long time studied attitudes. These experts have opined that if it would be possible to measure people’s attitudes then it would be very easy to predict how people behave. Psychology is concerned all about predicting people’s behavior.

When humans became more sophisticated in matters psychological and were able to measure attitudes using various instruments, it was soon realized that attitudes presented a more complex scenario than earlier thought. It would therefore be important that measurements would have to be taken in a very careful manner. It would be important therefore that factors such very factors are considered while determining attitude (Gray & Larson 2000, p.544). It is therefore important that the context in which the attitude is to be measured is carefully considered. People tend to have many and varying attitudes which change within a very short duration of time. It is therefore important to note that a given attitude can be used to determine a relatively small amount of a person’s behavior.

Ozkites is based in Melbourne Australia and it teams up with MonsterDrachen with the aim of having a joint venture in making monster kites. The two companies have decided to build a DragonFly. The kite is to be launched to be launched at a later date. Conflict is likely to arise from the set up by the two companies. The designers are all drawn from Germany and this would create conflict. This is because during German public holidays, the joint venture would probably be drawn to a halt due to the absence of the Germans working on the joint project. It would be difficult to complete the project on time bearing in mind that the teams are to honour their public holidays. This would raise conflict in the sense that delays would result. A Compromise would be reached by agreeing that all the workers either honour the public holidays of the country where they are based or in the alternative disregard all public holiday. This would be justified due to the fact that there are strict timelines within which the goal to be accomplished by the two teams. Projects tend to be more expensive with the delays.

The two teams that are brought together come from different countries. The work ethics for the two countries is different. Germans for example have the reputation of being perfectionist in whatever they do. The two teams would find it difficult integrating their work ethics and this has the potential to slow the pace at which the work is being done. Setting the two team’s working day to eight hours per day would mean that the project would not proceed fast enough and it would that half of the project period would be lost since the whole project would have stopped. Language and culture from the two teams would definitely be different from the teams coming together to perform a joint project. The team from Germany would be proficient in German while the Australians would probably be well versed with English. It would be very difficult to effectively communicate and translators would be required. People tend to congregate along language lines and two teams would feel alienated from each other and this would adversely affect their operations. The two teams would have different practices such as how they supervise their members of staff.

The conflict would be resolved by ensuring that the teams respect and appreciate the differences in the teams. Compromise has to be reached if the two different teams would be able to work in harmony. It would be important for the teams to respect the differences in their cultures and if possible try to adopt what they consider the positive aspects they should adopt. As a matter of policy, it would be important that a mode of dispute resolution is adopted which would charged with resolving conflicts. The conflicts could be minor but the effect of the disagreements would be far reaching even bringing the project to a halt. It would be important for the team members to have some time to socialize and share the unique aspects of what they do and why they do it. When people get to understand the reasoning behind the actions of their colleagues they tend to view them with greater respect and admiration. The company policy should be geared towards ensuring that would ensure that the holidays are either done away with or that all the employees would compromise and celebrate one public holiday from the other team and vice versa.


People tend to draw their character based on their backgrounds. The differences between people determine to a large extent how the people relate. However, it is possible to find common ground which would ensure that people are able to relate properly. When people get to know that their differences are actually insignificant and they should see the differences as strengths rather than weakness. People should seek to understand the cultural practices of the other and respect them if they hope to maintain good working relationships between themselves. Appreciating differences opens the key to people being able to understand each other and thus maintain a peaceful co existence.


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