Project Management Practices — presentation Essay Example

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Project Status Reporting

In the 4th Slide we will discuss the necessity of project Status reports.

  • Project Status reports are an essential component for the documnetaion and enables one to monitor the projhect progress effectuvely.

  • The report presents a quantified project progress, and as such, the viewer is more informed on the actuals hence enables for an effective decision making process. Tentatively, you can make changes on the project plan where necessary.

  • The reports ensure a constant and updated flow of information. This facilitates fr effectuvelty communication with key stakeholders by looping them on the key findings and happenings of the project. Potential areas of failure and success can be pointed ut with ease

In slide five

types of project status report

  • It includes everything in the project checklist

  • It displays summary information about key processes of a project

  • It aggregates information from all projects that highlights issues related to program success.

  • It is ideal in keeping track on overall project portfolio.