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At the company level, the marketing strategy against competitors is commanded by a number of projects aimed at producing the best results in the market. Project structure and its management is the vital component for the accomplishment of this goal. This is achieved by a well-structured leadership, planning.


The structure of the competitive marketing strategy project comprise of the following personnel; Project Manager, Project Leader, Project Team Members, Steering Commission and shareholder. These personnel ensure that the project is well researched and meets its goals.

The main reason of having a well organizational structure is to legally acknowledge the commencement, execution of the project and facilitate the evolution from Project Planning.

the Project Boss have a duty to present the main goals and objectives that confirm that all parties taking part have consistent stages of understanding and recognition of the task done so far I do not know what you mean here. You need to explaining how, when and who will be responsible for initially briefing the project manager, project team and any other key project stakeholders of the project objectives so to ensure a common understanding.

Strengths and roles of team member

Everybody has its own ability and capacity to play in team work which determines the better results at the end of the project.

Learn from mistake

Experience is the best you can learn from for more effective achievements. For instance positive experience, however, there are situations where this does not happen. Integrate learning in a practical experience is the best way somebody can learn from while participating in team work projects.

The project manager is the overall to oversee all the activities taking place and is the final in decision making

Possible lessons learned

Each project experience has lessons to learn from. Project lessons fall under two categories — performance teachings and outcomes lessons.

For us to turn up our intended goals, each project should be scrutinized for all possible teachings. Endless improvement is determined by numerous perspectives, various Teachings learned can be revealed from several types of statistics and information, including project assessment surveys, evaluation of tangible project outcomes, and dialogues with project investors you need to provide specific learning from your experience with governance arrangements in your chosen project.

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