Project management — evaluation

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If asked to grade the work of our group in project management, I would give our group an A. This is because our work is of high quality achieved through hard work, commitment and dedication in carrying out the given tasks in this unit (project management). This is evidently displayed by the presentation of our work where we have explored, researched and utilized every concept of project management from project plan to project termination. We have also employed graphical displays such as the Gantt chart (a crucial tool used in project management) in representing information graphically.

In this project, I played the role of the finance manager. I was in charge of budgeting where I allocated resources in terms of cash, made sure all budgeting and spending was as planned and formulated the projects financial projections. As a financial manager I performed well enough since all the costs involved in the projects life cycle did not exceed the planned budget. I allocated resources accordingly leading to the project’s success.

In project management, every team member has an equal role to play and contributions to make. Therefore, from my point of view, all the members of our group of 4 members performed as excepted and we each played a big part in the success of this project. Enhancing equality in the project team ensured the project to be completed on time and efficiently without any bad disagreements arising. Therefore when grading each individual group member, everyone deserves an A grade. This means that when given 100 marks to divide between each group member, I would divide the marks equally giving each member 20 marks. A good project team always sticks together and shares tasks and awards equally.