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Contract Statement of Work

Project Name: Breaking music for Kids

Contract Name: Hiring a purchasing/ developing curriculum assistance.

Scope of Work:

In this contract statement of work, the work to be done involves: developing a list of individuals and companies with the technical expertise and involved in curriculum development; prepare a summarised detailed and description evaluation list of the qualified individuals and contractors; Collaborating with the Australian department for music and fine arts education to create a system for evaluating the contractors and individuals; Evaluating the qualified individuals and contractors using the created evaluation system; prepare a list containing one qualified contractor and individual; hire the qualified individual as an assistance or contractor; Decide on whether to develop or purchase the curriculum; Purchase the curriculum from the contractor with the help of the assistance; Complete all the above stated objectives before the project before student training commences.

Location of Work:

The assistance will conduct the work in music school offices throughout his contract term where he will meet with the contracting company representatives to discuss the requirements, progress and deliverables of the curriculum to be developed. The assistance must consult representatives from the Australian department for music and fine arts education during the contract term.

Period of Performance:

The assistant’s period of performance will be determined by the success of purchasing the curriculum being developed by the contracting company. However, the period is limited by the projects life cycle of one year upon which the assistance should deliver the Curriculum.

Deliverables Schedule:

The deliverable of this statement of work is a complete and functioning curriculum. The assistant should deliver the purchased curriculum before the end of the 11th month since the projects initiation. This will help in providing additional time for evaluating and testing the curriculum.

Applicable Standards:

The Curriculum must meet certain applicable standards since it is a guide that provides educators with guidance on how to teach skills and content to students. The curriculum must have a clear purpose and topic; the curriculum should have an appropriate title that depicts the area in which the curriculum will be used: the curriculum must establish a timeline for teaching; the curriculum must also adhere to the standards set by the Australian department for music and fine arts education and be delivered within the set schedule and budget

Acceptance Criteria:

This will be achieved through acceptance testing where the curriculum will tested against the set acceptance criteria to establish whether it meets the specified requirements. This will be conducted by the contractor and the internal staff where they will evaluate the curriculum and follow it in conducting their activities (teaching). The purpose of this testing is to ensure the curriculum meets non-functional and functional requirements. After the acceptance criteria is met, the music school will pay for the product.

Special Requirements:

The developed curriculum must be compatible with the music school’s systems in place. The assistant will be required to travel to various music schools to see and observe the curriculums being used in the various schools. This will assist in knowing what kind of a curriculum is the most flexible and the inconveniences caused by the curriculums. The assistant must also train the staff on how to successfully implement the curriculum and the importance of following it.