Project Management


Project Management

Large vehicles such as trucks do not use Calder Highway to access Mildura or Melbourne. They tend to use an alternative that passes around Bendigo due to problems they encounter at Calder Highway, such as wastage of time since they are forced to travel at a slow speed and also due to invisible hilly intersections in the Highway. And it is because of these reasons that the state government and the federal government decided to raise $45 million and $41 million respectively to initiate Ravenswood Interchange project so as to avoid the problems faced by truck drivers while using the Highway to and from Mildura and Melbourne (Akgũngōr, 2014).

The aim of establishing this project was to improve the situation of heavy trafficking at the intersection within the Calder Highway and the Calder. An alternative that large vehicles such as trucks use around Bendigo so as to avoid the problems that the large vehicles face while accessing either Mildura or Melbourne using Caldera alternative or Caldera Highway such as time wastage and invisible hilly intersections which pose the danger to truck drivers and the other drivers who use the two Highways.

Calder Highway which we are planning to visit on 5/9/2016 is one of Victoria’s main freight routes. Its upgrade was highly needed calling for quick awarding of the project’s contract in April 2016 to former Leighton contractors (Akgũngōr, 2014).


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