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Information Technology Project Management

Question 1: You are scheduled to interview an information systems project manager. Prepare for your interview, a list of eight questions that would further enhance what you have learned in a project management course. For example, ask about opportunities, and the role of using project management software in project management and the most important skill based on the experience of the person you will interview.

  1. What was the most difficult ethical question you’ve had to make on a project?

  2. How do you work with sponsors as a project is underway?

  3. How will you put assemble a competent team to help you in fulfilling a project?

  4. What is the most important skill an information systems project manager should possess?

  5. What is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and how does it affect the work estimates of tasks?

  6. What is a critical path in work schedule program?

  7. How will you measure software quality?

  8. Describe resource planning during the estimation of a software project?

Question 2: You are scheduled to interview another information systems manager. This time, your assignment is to write a short report that describes a day in the life of an information systems project manager. Try to point out things that are specific to this career that make it different from any other management job.

An information systems project manager usually has a lot of tasks that are involving as well as cognitive in nature. These tasks are; security, design, maintenance, design in addition to many more. The manager deals with a team of assistants that help in coordinating and execution of a project. The manager oversees this team as they carry out delegated duties and finally approving of the work done.

This job is different from other management jobs in many ways. This job requires the manager to be an interactive person with perfect social skills, liberal-minded regarding software updates and not holding on to obsolete software that may compromise a project and good communication skills to coordinate with other managers of the project, sponsors and the team of assistants.

The typical day of an information systems project manager starts with a security check-up of the entire system to inspect and clear it of any malware or viruses that may have infected it. Maintenance and upgrading of the system are done if need be. The manager then meets with the team of assistants who give a briefing on the progress of the project. Then the day’s work schedule is presented to the team that gets to work immediately. The manager then proceeds with interdepartmental communication for coordination purposes with other departments working on the same project. Finally, the manager continues to organize and supervise staff as technology projects go on.

For a project to be a success, the manager should have a unique skill set of computer systems and business management. There has to be a blend between these two skill sets to understand wholly and implement this job with competence.

Question 3: A staff proposed two new software projects for your company. Project A will cost AED 210000 to develop and is expected to have an annual net cash flow of AED 56000. Project B will cost AED 280000 to develop and is expected to have an annual net cash flow of AED 70000. The company is very concerned about their cash flow. Using the payback period, which project is better from a cash flow standpoint? Why?

Payback =Information Technology Project Management

For project A, the payback will be;

Information Technology Project Management 1

For project B payback will be;

Information Technology Project Management 2

Payback is used as a method of ranking projects. The project with the shortest payback period is given the highest ranking regardless of the amount of cash flow, so Project A is the better of the two.

Question 4: A five-year project has a projected net cash flow of AED 15000, AED 25000, AED 30000, AED 20000, and AED 15000 in the next five years. It will cost AED 50000 to implement the project. If the required rate of return is 20%, conduct a discounted cash flow calculation to determine the NPV.

NPV =Information Technology Project Management 3

=Information Technology Project Management 4

=62895.45 — 50000

=AED 12895.45

Question 5: Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a project in which you are going to build a house. Try to identify all the major components and provide three levels of detail.

Information Technology Project Management 5