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Mission Statement

The organisation would be controlled and operated based on the following mission statement directives:

  • To develop a product that reduces toxicity associated with smoking of cigarette and also to expel accumulated tar from the lungs without causing adverse effects.

  • Moreover, the medical product would be patented and marketed with the aim of reducing the effects of tar in human lungs.

  • The medical product is analysed from different beneficial perspectives that include financial, social and health advantages.

Vision Statement

The mission statement dictates the direction in which the organisation formulates its vision statement. The following defines the vision statement of the organisation:

  • Society — We help Australian society to live healthier and happier lives through provision of DepulTar® Elixir which addresses effects of tar toxicity and also expels accumulated smoke tar without affecting healthiness of an individual.

  • Economic — In utilising the DepulTar® Elixir, medical expenses and financial concerns regarding treatment of smoke related diseases.

  • Quality – the DepulTar® Elixir will be of high quality with minimal side effects