Program one authentic music experience Essay Example

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Рrоgrаm оnе аuthеntiс musiс ехреriеnсе

This paper designs a program on music experience that is authentic in engaging a 4 years old child in the investigation and exploration of one of the element of music called duration. Duration, as one of the elements of music refers to the way the music sound is organized in relation to time. Under duration, such aspects as the length of silence and sound, tempo, rhythm and beat are considered.

One week Program

The objective of the weekly program is to let the child experience music duration in terms of sound, tempo, rhythm and beat. Therefore, each of the training will target on one of these aspects of music duration. This means there will be a total of four trainings to acquaint the child with each of these features of duration. The table below illustrates the whole plan. It has a section for the training number, the targeted feature, how to conduct the training and the objectives.



How to conduct


Hello song

The lesson is started by letting the child to sing the “Hello song” as he or she uses the last notes the song to say a name of his or her friends. This singing enables the child not only to greet his or her colleagues, hear his or her name, feel valued, but also to know the rhythm and length of the song, hence the duration.

A four year old child feels valued when his or her name is sung. This feeling enables the child to concentrate more in the particular song and learn the feature of duration

Finger play

The child is taught a song that will enable him or her use his or her fingers to play the song. An example of the song is Where is Thumbkin. Here, the child is given two finger puppets one puppet for each hand. The child will then be swapping the puppets from one finger to the other between the verses. The length between the verses should be enough to allow the swapping.

This finger play enhances the flexibility of the finger muscles so that the child can connect the finger movements with the duration between each verse.

Memory song

Letter cards having images, some numbers or props are used to teach the child a memory song.

This helps them when it comes to paying attention to the things that can be learnt by heart like the sequence of numbers backwards and forwards, the alphabetic letters, days of the week and the song lyrics in the child’s mother tongue.

Story song

At the end of the lessons, the child is given a long or short story song. For a short song, the child has to sing it twice while for a long song, he or she has to sing it once but dramatically.

The child at this age loves stories. Therefore, the story song will give the child some rest while they also learn the duration of each story song.

In conclusion, much of the music experience for the child as far as duration of the music comes from the child playing or taking part in the music play. This participation immerses him or her in the music and in the process, get the experience.