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American Political Culture


Every nation has a political culture. A political culture comprises of the behaviour, attitudes and values of a nation in the political arena. The political culture of a nation influences a country’s foreign policy. Although not all Americans share similar opinions, there are general ideas that define the political cultural of America. This essay focuses on the core values and ideas, which include individualism, equity of opportunity, materialism, the American dream/limited government, religion, patriotism, world leader and regionalism.

The American political cultural is based on individualism. According to Ghosh (2010), individualism is calm and mature feeling which disposes every member of the community to serve himself and draw a little circle of his own thereby leaving the society to itself. With respect to American political culture, individual rights are held with high regard with the principle speaking to the spirit of independent and free will. Individualism is highly safeguarded in the Bill of Rights. Americans respect independent choices of people because they value individualism. With regard to equality of opportunity, the American political culture stresses that all people have akin prospects to compete and attain in their country. However, equality does not guarantee equal upshots. Under the U.S law, people should be treated equally. As regards, materialism, the American political culture is not simply materialistic. Although people believe that Americans are too materialistic, the Americans believe that they are less materialistic According to Cuordileone (2009), materialism weakens Americans. However, Americans have a right to chase their dreams. Evidently, America is a place where college dropouts rise to become the richest people in the world. The American dream is more inclusive and helps in shaping the American political culture. A limited government that does not place restrictions of people’s freedom also shapes the American political culture. The American government hold a constitution that describes the restrictions of the power of government.

Other elements that play a crucial role in the American political cultural include religion. According to Chapp (2012), a shared American faith depicts an essential course in the political culture of America. Seeking religious common ground is not just taken in the name of collaboration, but is in due course part of what it means to be an American. With respect to patriotism, American people are more patriotic than people in other democracies are (Robertson, 2010). Americans identify with their nation and take pleasure in being called Americans. Americans respect their flag, sing the national anthem, and exhibit their nationalism openly. Claims of nationalism greatly shape the American political culture. As regards, regionalism, theorists contend that regional interactions can instigate the establishment of regional political culture and regional identity that may hold essential political implications. Although regionalism is not prevalent in the contemporary world, it shaped the process of the diffusion of American political culture. Given that America put emphasis on hard work and attainment of the American dream, the nation is a world leader in all aspects of life. Being a world leader, is there one of the qualities of the American culture. The American foreign policy is extensively recognised across the world, and has attained global respect.


The American political culture entails a system of common political values, beliefs, traditions and customs that define the links amid the government and citizens and among citizens. A political culture entails a set of practices and attitudes held by individuals that shape their political conduct. A political culture mirrors a government although it includes components of tradition and history. Political cultures are important as they help in shaping the political actions and perceptions of the populace. The American political culture is shaped by individualisms, equality of opportunity, materialism, the American dream, religion, patriotism and regionalism.


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