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6Australian Post

Australian Post

Profile of the typical customer of Australia

One of the most essential parts of a business is a clear understanding of the ones customers. This helps a lot when it comes to define what makes a company unique when compared to other businesses in the respective industry. A customer profile is therefore termed as the description of a customer or a number of customers that encompasses the geographic, demographic psychographic characteristics in addition to the buying pattern, a customer’s creditworthiness and their purchase history (Kotler & Armstrong 2012). When profiling ones customers based on the demographic profile one makes use of the socioeconomic characteristics of a certain population and this is most instances expresses statically and includes aspects such as age, sex, income level, educational level, occupation, religion just to mention a few of them (Jothi 2015). In this regard the ideal customer profile of the Australian post is that they are composed of people all ages and sex since everyone seems to be in dare need of the services provided by the Australian Post. Additionally, people from all income levels can also make use of their services since they have a wide range of activities and thus a customer chooses services that suit him or her in the most perfect ways in terms of spending. This as seems to be the case when considering the educational level of the customers and this means that all people irrespective of their education makes use of the service. Additionally, Australian has people from all religions and thus they make use of the services of the Australian Post irrespective of their religious affiliations.

In relation to the psychographic factors one considers the values, personality, attitudes, opinions, lifestyles and interest of individuals (Kotler & Armstrong 2012). In terms of these people who seem to be on constant need of communication are well suited for the services offered by the Australian Post. The business people are also well suited since they need to send parcels to various people in the various destinations all over the globe and thus the need of the services offered by the Australian Post. When profiling the customers using the geographic aspects is a common strategy and one seeks to serve customers in a certain area or at time it also tends to serve a broader target audience who tends to have different preferences and this is mainly based on where they may be located (Kotler & Armstrong 2012). Based on this factor, the perfect profiling of the customers of the Australian post the people all over Australia who may need to send their parcels to other in different parts of Australia and also who may need to send their parcels to various destinations all over the globe. At the same time when sending parcels in certain locations others are received from the various locations. This means that there is constant flow of information between all the concerned parties. In terms of behavior the Australian Post needs to consider those customers who have a concerned behavior and like to connect with others more often. This group of customers is not likely to forget special events in their friends, acquaintances and family lives. Thus, they will likely want to make the events memorable by spending parcels and messages to them through the use of the Australian Post irrespective of the distance between them.

Positioning strategy of Australian Post

There are three techniques in positioning and this includes product, price and brand positioning. Through the combination of all these three aspects leads to a successful positing strategy for a company. Thus, thorough effective positioning a brand can occupy a distinct position as compared to other competing branding in the market (Sengupta 2005). It has also been argued that effective positioning is of great benefit to an organization since it creates a very powerful brand however in instances when this is done poorly it really ruins the reputation of a brand and this crushes the success of a business. The Australian Post has positioned themselves in a number of ways to ensure the success of their products and services and the constant use of them by customers. For instance to ease the sending process they have a number of sending tools as well as support for the online sellers. Through this their customers can access a parcel scanning app which means simpler sending and have a live chat which operates 24/7 and many more.

Additionally, in terms of sending parcels internationally the Australia Post have a simpler way of sending which is designed to a specific customer. This means that they meet the needs of each customer in the most effective manner. This means that The Australian Post seems to be adapting easily with change that is occurring all over the world and in response to these they have designed a new and enticing range of sending solutions to overseas countries. Through this the company plays an essential role in helping people to connect in an easier way with their customers irrespective of their location around the world. This also makes it easy for one to keep in touch with people that are important to them (Australian Postal Corporation 2016a).

In terms of the products and services that they offer, the Australian Post have a wide range of them and this means that if a customer’s cannot make use of a certain product and service they have other options from which to choose from to ensure that their needs are met in the most effective manner.The company has also positioned themselves well in that they enable the customers to calculate how much they will spend on certain postage. This ensures that the customers do not incur any unnecessary charges when sending parcels. Based the calculator ones choose the best method based on the budget.Their services also offers some level of convenience in that they have options of delivering a parcel to a different destinations if one is not around when the parcel arrives (The Australian Postal Corporation 2016c). For example it can be delivered on the go, at school or at work. The company also keeps the customers updated on the final posting dates of special events such as Christmas for those sending parcels overseas (The Australian Postal Corporation 2016b).


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