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Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of non-alcoholic drinks. The company provides customers with more than 500 different brands. The company has long been known for its flagship product Coca-Cola, which is the world’s most valuable brand. The company has been prominent in manufacturing many other brands that include Fanta, Powerade, and Minute Maid. Diet Coke among others. The company primarily produces syrups and beverage concentrates. They are then sold to authorize canning and bottling operations where they manufacture the syrups and beverage concentrate to produce finished beverage products. The company has over the years had the biggest marketing and distribution networks through distributors, bottling partners, retailers, and wholesalers. The company has actively focused on many initiatives that help reduce the environmental effects and also actively supports healthy living for all customers and all stakeholders thus helping creating a safe and an all-inclusive work environment for all parties involved. Furthermore, the Company has over the years improved the economic development of the communities in which it operates (Chang, 2014).

Coca-Cola Company has over the years been very effective in the manufacturing, distributing and manufacturing not- alcoholic drinks. The effectiveness of the Coca-Cola Company is the degree to which the objectives or purposes of the Company are achieved I consider the right leadership the company has had over the years as key to the effectiveness of the Giant Company. Its success begins with the great leadership. The Company has over the years hired qualified and competent Chief Executive CEO. For example, the current CEO, Muhtar Kent has led the Company over the years with a firm commitment to the values and spirit of the Company. Moreover, the company has been able to hire and put in the right leaders and the right markets. The ability to hire competent leaders is what makes the Company very effective in the market. Another aspect of the good leadership is the corporate governance the Company enjoys which promotes the interest of the shareholders and hence strengthen the accountability of the board management and also build trust within the firm. In fact, corporate governance guidelines are essential to the effectiveness of the Company. I therefore strongly consider the right leadership the Company has as one criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of the Company (Chang, 2014).

Secondly, I firmly believe that the robust distribution network of Coca-Cola Company is an important criterion for assessing the effectiveness of the Company. The Company makes its brands and products readily available to customers all over the world through the World’s largest distribution network. The ability of the Company to use Company- controlled and Company-owned distributors along with independent wholesalers, bottlers and retailers have been critical in bringing about the success of the Coca-Cola Company. For example, KO can manage costs and promptly innovate and introduce new brands to the marketplace. Furthermore, the robust distribution network allows for an improved level of quality control and safety of Coca-Cola products. The robust distribution network has gone expansion in recent years as the Coca-Cola Company sought to reach more customers in remote locations across the world (Chang, 2014).

Coca-Cola Company uses customer satisfaction to evaluate the effectiveness of the firm on stakeholder perspectives. The company has over the years strived to ensure that its customers worldwide are satisfied with the products they provide. Coca-Cola company success story continues to prosper through adapting to the local needs of its customers and consumers throughout the world. Moreover, innovation of brands that meet customer satisfaction has been key in ensuring customer satisfaction. One can rightly attribute the success story of Coca-Cola Company to having the right or appropriate brand. Having the right brand will satisfy the customers who will translate to more sales hence determining the effectiveness of the firms. For instance, in 1995, Coca-Cola Company sold over 20 billion cases of soft drinks because the customer was satisfied with the product. The company provides safe and healthier products which hence satisfy the customers who buy more of the product. The company also produces enough cases of the soft drinks to satisfy the broad global market. The operations above have improved the volumes and deliveries of the products (Chang, 2014).

Another criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the firm is through a good corporate governance. The company’s good corporate governance has been key to the performance of the organization. The company’s good corporate governance has been crucial in promoting the long-term interest of shareowners. Besides, good corporate governance is essential in strengthening the management and board accountability. Shareowners elect the board to oversee their interests in the long-term health, financial performance and overall success of the business. Besides, the Board of Directors serves as the final decision makers of the Company safe for matters reserved for the shareowners. The Directors additionally selects and oversee senior management members who conduct the business of the company. A good board and management are crucial in ensuring that the Company continues to prosper. Another feature that qualifies a good corporate governance is the establishment of corporate governance guidelines of the Coca-Cola Company (Chang, 2014). The guidelines provide a framework for the effective governance of the Company. The Corporate Governance Guidelines address issues such as the corporate responsibility, director responsibilities, Chief Executive Performance evaluation and management succession. The full address of the issues translates to a good corporate governance. The developments in the corporate government are regularly updated by Coca-Cola to ensure the continued success story of the Company. Therefore, good Corporate Governance is an important criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of Coca-Cola Company (Chang, 2014).

Good corporate governance and customers’ satisfaction are two important criteria for assessing the effectiveness of Coca-Cola Company. The satisfaction of consumers by the Company through meeting their expectations and having Corporate Governance guidelines has over the years been key to the success of Coca-Cola Company. In fact, meeting customer needs or expectations directly translates to the increased and hence better performance of the firm. More importantly, the development of a coherent approach the company’s effectiveness has led to increased financial performance of the company. Also, the approach has led to an efficient internal organization process, effective employee training, and customer satisfaction (Chang, 2014).

In conclusion, the effectiveness of Coca-Cola Company has relied on the ability of the Company to adapt and react to changes surrounding its environment. Factors such as globalization, an ever-changing political landscape, and technological advances have been critical in the success of the company. Several criteria such as customer satisfaction, good leadership, good corporate governance and a robust distribution network have been used in evaluating the effectiveness of Coca-Cola Company. Hence, this explains Coca-Cola’s dominance of the non-alcoholic beverage markets over the years (Chang, 2014).


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