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Mentone is a community located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which is located about 21 kilometers on the south-east of the from central business district (CBD) of Melbourne. The City of Kingston is considered to be its Local Government Area, where most of the community’s business aspects and other activities are actively carried out. Therefore, it is a place where all activities are carried out and many individuals have found it to be an area of empowering others in form of various charitable trusts and other programs that are designed to help the community. Mentone community is linked to the Heidelberg School of Australian artists, which was formed as an Australian art movement within late 19th century (Ruchel, 2009). Concerning the overall activities that are carried out in Mentone, the movement by then was being taken to be a basis for Australian Impressionism. As part of celebration as a historical record for Australia, their merits and compositions, the works of such artists has been well noticed and received within the whole community. One thing that the Mentone community has achieved in relation to the Australian Impressionism is the setting for many classic stories that have a basis for both fact and fiction, and this was the period that came immediately before the set up of Federation in Australian (Short, 1996).

Overview of community

Mentone had a population of about 11,238, which is a report compiled after the 2006 Census results. Out of this, about 47.5 percent of the population represents male, while 52.5 percent of the population represents female. About 2897 families, representing 25.8 percent of the total population, occupies the area and out of these number about 34.2 percent are considered to having one or more children who are below the age of 15 years. Those families who just have a single parent are represented by 14.9 percent, while couples who lack children are represented by 40.1 percent. Mentone community is within an average area of about 753 hectares, which approximated to about 1860 acres (Ruchel, 2009).

Approximately 13.6 percent of individuals living in Mentone have a common income bracket of about $400-$599 being earned per week. Higher income earners accounts for about 4.5 percent of the total population adding up to $2000 and above per week, and only 5.8 percent of the individuals do not have any income at all. There are about 4687 private dwellings within the community of Mentone, of which 37 percent of the total are owned absolutely by individuals occupying them, 30 percent are being bought especially by mortgage, and approximately 30 percent are on the basis of being rented. Therefore, there is an average of about 2.4 individuals per the private dwelling within the community (Ruchel, 2009).

When considering individuals 15 years and above, 47 percent of those living in Mentone are married and have families, the divorced accounts to 9 percent, separated adds up to 3 percent, 7 percent are widowed and finally about 33 percent of the total number have never gotten married. When putting in comparison with the rest of Australia, Mentone has been found to constitute almost to the average migrant population in Australia, with about 29.1 percent of dwellers originating form overseas, being United Kingdom, Greece, New Zealand, India, and China (Ruchel, 2009).

Windshield survey

  1. Housing and Zoning in Mentone

Mentone community is situated on Port Phillip Bay area, and it is at this point that it extends to a wonderful and scenic beach. Therefore, many investors, especially in the housing sector, have opted to utilize this chance in coming up with new and different structures for the increasing population in the region. Mentone also has a wide variety of accommodation, consisting of rental apartments, inns, and hotels. Zoning has been applied in the region for the purpose of avoiding all means of interfering with the ongoing developments and measures (Short, 1996).

  1. Utilization of space

Being an enticing businesses application region, most of the entrepreneurs and other business oriented involvements are effectively utilizing the existing space in Mentone community. Some part of the spaces available is being utilized as for office listing that is purposively designed for leasing and commercial selling. Mentone community provides small office space, lofts, converted warehouse office space, mixed use space and low rise office space. Therefore, it a place where it will be promising when a person is able to locate a business, especially when searching for a greater commercial space, which in this case it gives a better desirable access to an effective and well educated labor force. Therefore, space in Mentone community is utilized for the purpose of retailing and industrial functions and developments (Huntsman, 2001).

  1. Physical boundaries

The physical boundaries of Mentone, Victoria, begin from the southern part of the Great Dividing Range. On the northern part of the border, Mentone is surrounded by the River of Murray. Bass Strait separates Mentone, Victoria, and it starts all the ways form Tasmania, making it to be positioned at the center of Melbourne, which is the largest and capital city in Australia.

  1. Community Growth and Development

Many of the community-based initiatives have a way of growing into informal groups since they were initiated, and the surprising part of it that some of them have developed more to form legal entities, a process that has taken about two decades. To achieve such developments in the region, number proposals had been submitted to the government bodies, corporations, trusts, and foundations in soliciting for funds to be utilized in supporting the existing community initiatives and programs. The higher chances of attracting for more funds were as a result of having greater needs. With the need of giving emphasis to the new or the enhanced programs and services within the community, Mentone had to move forward on a positive start by ensuring that the funds granted are effectively used, and avoided the case of just applying the nature and extent and degree of the identified need within the community.

Within the initial decade of the 21st Century, the essence of community growth and development has taken another clear path of being held liable for realizing measurable outcomes rather than just justifying inputs, which can be achieved through scheming and supporting outputs. A continuous quality improvement is being encouraged within the operational measures of the community-based organizations.

  1. Common Areas in the Community

Mentone is a community located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which is located about 21 kilometers on the south-east of the from central business district (CBD) of Melbourne. It is a bayside, an inhabited suburb on Port Phillip Bay which has a variety of long beaches, better amenities, and streets that are a lined with different tress. Other common areas within the community are the large shopping centers that are located approximate to Balcombe Road, the Parkdale railway station, and it is also closer to top golf courses in Melbourne. Throughout the suburb, the community is also featured with a number of extensive parklands.

  1. Transportation

Convenience in transportation within Mentone is a factor that has always been considered, andin spite of such reality that the community is within the country that is part of the nations considered to bigger terms of size, and it is 5th largest. The most applied transport network is the National Railway Service that connects the community with other major cities within Australia. There is the use of water as a mode of transport, although rivers found in the community region most the rivers are not passable as level of the water cannot be depended upon (Huntsman, 2001). There is also inter-state bus facility, where roads and other road channels are effectively utilized owing to the distance that has to be covered to other cities.

  1. Ethnic/ Cultural Influences

Mentone community is highly diversified culture and the kind of lifestyle people live, which reflect the overall liberal independent traditions and other values, closeness to the region of the Asia–Pacific, and the resultant social and cultural influences directed by a large number of migrants. Therefore, Mentone is considered to be a region that consists of an exceptional blend of different and already time-honored ethnicity and latest influences.

  1. Community services offered in Mentone

Mentone community is diversified with different services that are developed for the purpose of enhancing development and growth within the community. There are a total of 36 profiles of different professional companies that offers professional services designated with different functions within the community (Huntsman, 2001). Services being offered range from homecare services, theatrical services, room accommodation and hotel services, and community development services in the form volunteer programmes.

  1. Leisure and Entertainment in Mentone

Mentone offers a wonderful place for different people to come and have fun, and this can be in the form of being a lone, with friends, or together with a family. The place has beaches and different life saving clubs and restaurants, which presents leisure and recreational services through the available enough space, especially with the parkland and the oval that is near the council offices. Mentone is considered to be home to several sporting clubs, which includes tennis, ten-pin bowling, football, and lawn. The place has cool breezes that originate from the unending waves created from the adjacent waters, and this makes it to be a wonderful place that is explored by different individuals on various occasions (Short, 1996).

Community Evaluation

After the community assessment had been carried out, the following is a critically explored community profile:

  1. Shared values

There a number of factors that critically defines the overall features of the current Mentone community, they consist of the existing cultural diversity of its residents, and the extent that such individuals are being brought together through the overriding and a better unifying commitment to community and the country at large. In the existing and determined legal framework of Australia, everyone will be within his or her rights when freely taking part or expressing his or her beliefs and culture. One is also free to take part in the national life of the country, and this is supposed to be freely be participated. There are a number of shared values and principles that the citizens of Mentone are supposed to freely participate in the process of supporting the way of life of the community.

  1. An egalitarian society

In most sensible ways, Mentone is considered to be an egalitarian civilization. This does not indicate that every person is the same or that equal wealth or property is found on each and every person. What it means is that there are no entrenched class differences within Mentone society, as it is expressed within other cities in Australia and other countries. In an egalitarian society, with hard work and effective commitment in various programs, it is easy to realize one’s ambitions. In this case, all individuals within the community (even the whole Australia) everyone is legally equal and have the right to feel or request for respect from others (Short, 1996).

  1. Language Used within the Community

All individuals within the community have been encouraged to learn and comprehensively understand English. This is a national language and this is the main reason as to the dwellers of the region have been encouraged to learn the language, since it is a way unifying the residents with the rest of the Australian societies. Despite such encouragement for having a unified language within the community, still there are traces of having other languages which are also valued within the overall society of Australia. The most spoken languages within the community of Mentone constitute to approximately above 15 per cent, with some being Italian, Cantonese, Greek, Arabic, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. Therefore, with this kind of variation in languages, it is clearly indicated that Australians converse in more than 200 different languages, and this consists of Indigenous languages of Australia (Ruchel, 2009).

  1. Religious worship and Celebrations

Mentone community is a predominantly Christian community, which has about 71 per cent of all dwellers being identified as Christians by faith (Ruchel, 2009). Nevertheless, most other existing major religious faiths within the region are also practiced, being and reflection of the community’s diversity in the cultural standings. In general, there is no official state religion for Australia and this gives people freedom to express and practice any religious belief they have selected, as long as it is within the legal framework. Therefore, Mentone is a free community or society that has individuals who can make decisions on their own, as they are protected by provisions of the law (Short, 1996).

Anzac Day commemorations were held on 25th April at the Memorial Park outside Mentone RSL, 9 Palermo Street. The celebration comprised of a 6am dawn service that was accompanied by breakfast which consisted of morning tea that was served at Mentone RSL. The procession of the day started at Mentone Parade Park at about 8.40am and left for a commemorative service at Memorial Park at around 9am. It was during this time that the captains from the local primary schools lay wreaths for commemorative purposes.

  1. A sporting culture

Playing and watching sport is a hobby that most of the individuals from this community love to do. In general, Australian love sports, and they make sure that they excel in such sporting activities. For instance, after 2004 Athens Olympic were over, Australia position fourth overall, and it is also graded in top position cricketing nation in the whole world (Ruchel, 2009). It is reported that Mentone community region has contributed to this success of the country by having better achieving sportsmen and sportswomen. Other common sports activities that the community participates in them are rugby, baseball, Australian football, car racing, snow skiing hockey, basketball, and horse racing. Therefore, such individuals have a life that is well enriched in sports and leisure activities.

  1. Clothing Patterns

Reflection of the Australian diversity in many aspects such as culture and climate is greatly expressed in their patterns and types of clothing being put on by people. In the general legal procedures and law application in Australia, individuals are not restricted on the types of clothing to be used, although there are dress codes especially at workplaces where certain standards are supposed to be observed in the long run. People changes to casual wear depending on their choice, comfort level and situations, and this could be like as social gathering and environmental issues (Short, 1996).


When looking at the behavior patterns of Mentone Community, it is found that a combination of informal social customs and formal laws are the main drivers of in all changes caused. In this case, individuals are given no other option about adherence to the law, where they need to comply or face the likelihood of going through criminal prosecution or have a civil action taken against them. The paper has clearly indicated that individuals in Mentone community are expected to normally be in line with the Australian social customs, practices and possibly habits despite the fact that they aren’t legally binding.

The funny part of the story is that Mentone community has individuals committing criminal offences that are considered to be serious cases in the whole world, this consists of sexual assaults, murder, violent behavior against other individuals or property, theft, fraud, sexual affairs with individuals below the legal age of approval, being in possession and application of illegal drugs, and also hazardous driving of vehicles. With such large population of about 11,238 that Mentone community has, there are a number of economical developments and measures that the community is actively taking part in them for economical gain of the community at large.


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