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The three articles mark an imperative turn in the field of architecture especially attaining aesthetics. Initially, architectural designs were made based on form and function. However, technological advancement has transformed architecture to consider beauty. Such changes have been facilitated by geometric turn in technology. Surfaces have become vital in building and construction hence most architects would avoid conventional way of surface appearance and weave their structures. Geometry as noted in one of the articles plays variedly in shaping structures. On the one hand, form precedes techniques used while on the contrary; form comes as a result of construction logic.

Lawrence and Schafer point to the fact that contemporary architecture has transformed to concentrate on the nature of surface a structure possesses. Most architectural designs have come up with was of using fabric to add value to their designs. Based on this, there is little of concern about floors, walls and ceiling. Instead, such surfaces are decorated with fabric material. In the article, it is pointed out that surface has become a type of architectural shibboleth. The article on skin/weave/pattern talks of the rising need to humanize all structure regardless of the kind of material used to construct the structures.

Common to the rest of the articles is the fact that fabric plays an imperative role in making this dream of aesthetic come true. Through such fabric put on structures, it is easy to understand the cultural values as well as practical implications from which a certain design emanates from. Fabric as a symbol for architectural designs has come up with technology. This gives reason why there are countless magnificent structures in the world today.



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