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Frankie Valli is an American well-liked singer born in 1934. He is well-known for his extraordinary strong falsetto voice. Valli started his music career in 1951 and since then he has been doing quite well in the music industry. He was a lead singer of the 4 Seasons music band who recorded major hits like Working My Back to You, Who Loves You and Sherry. Valli is also a successful solo artist and has recorded several singles such as Grease and Can’t Take my Eyes Off You. Frankie Valli is considered one of the greatest singers of the modern times. With numerous singles, Valli is still a leader of the male voiced pop of his epoch. Particularly, he is a singer with a multi-octave variety and the potential to tackle different styles. Valli is one of the featured voices of the current generation and has established a style that all singers try to emulate. His music career was influenced by his love for doo-wop, soul and jazz.

In 1990, Valli was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in 1999, he was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame .According to Edmondson (2009), Valli has had one of the most diverse and enduring career in pop music history. Well known for his hallmark falsetto, Valli’s voice is so distinct that from the Four Seasons first album recorded in 1962, the group was marketed as Featuring Frankie Valli’s Sound to stress the presence of its unique lead singer. Because of Valli’s natural capacity to soar effortlessly from his natural baritone range into falsetto devoid of the vocal break of their falsetto artists, his band members wrote songs that highlighted Valli’s octave range.

Valli has stood-out in the music industry because of his ability to explore different musical styles. He made his first record in 1953 where he produced My Mother’s Eyes, which belonged to pop musical genre. In 1956, Valli joined the Four Lovers group and recorded numerous singles. The group was later renamed as the Four Seasons.Early in his musical career, Frankie Valli engaged in Pop, doo-wop, Pop Rock, R & B, and rock and roll music genre. However, with rock and roll music in the doldrums in 1960s, the world was looking for something different. Sherry, written by Gaudio highlighted Frankie’s falsetto. This song bridged the gap amid doo-wop and the scores of other diverse genres of popular music. Sherry is a doo-wop music given its rhythmically smart lower backup harmonies and falsetto lead vocals. However, Sherry is not a classic doo-wop because its production is a bit sophisticated while the mood is a little modern. Following a brief roll of drum, the song creates a rhythm embroidered through thick handclaps with a hurried walk-stomp used in his several other songs such as Walk like a man. However, Sherry’s tune is popular in doo-wop and pop-rock music genres. The R& B musical influence in his music was enormous and some of his singles enjoyed great success from the R & B audience. His uptown production values were modern and innovative.

Frankie Valli is among the most successful pop singles in the rock and roll history. He created a signature sound where a falsetto lead was integrated with honest lyrics and catchy melodies regarding falling in and out of forgiving, loving and hanging on. Although scores of R & B group utilised falsetto, Valli’s sharp falsetto was unique and was surrounded with deep background vocals besides tight harmonies blended with rhythm-oriented beats. Valli has continued to release major songs at his age with the most recent being the Biggest Part of Me released in October 2010. Throughout his musical career, Frankie has influenced many other great artists in through his different music styles that include R & B, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Pop and doo-wop.


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