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  1. Choose a product or service that you find appealing. Try to come up with several sound bites, slogans, or quotes that meet all four criteria. You may look to company sales materials or interviews as a source for this activity, and if you pull a quote from an online interview, please include the link in your response.

Effective sound bites must be clear and concise, must use vivid and dynamic language, must be easy to repeat and must be memorable. Sound bites entail short statements that try to make a longer or larger message short. Slogans entails phrases that express aims, temperament or goals of a product, person, company or a service while quotes are memorable sayings derived from written or verbal messages (Bell & Smith 2009).

Examples of effective slogans for Coca Cola products include:

  • Real Taste Starts With Coke
  • Life gets Better With Coke

Examples of effective quotes for Coca Cola Products include:

  • Ask not what thirst can do to you, but what coca cola can do to your thirst
  • Need to keep calm? Drink Coca Cola
  1. Think of a phone conversation you had recently. Write a brief summary and include at least one example of what worked or what did not.

I recently had a phone conversation with my father requesting for additional money for school fees and my upkeep. I called him from school while he was in his workplace. We talked for about seven minutes but it took some time before my father could understand why I needed additional money for school fees and upkeep while to him, he believed he had given me enough money. He also felt that it was too soon to ask to additional money as I had been in school for two weeks. This called for adequate explanation as to why I needed additional money.

Based on the lessons I have learnt about phone conversation, our conversation took a lot of time and money because it lacked vivid language and clear descriptions. For instance, the reason why I needed additional money for schools was that the school required motivational fees. It took time for my father to understand this. The cost of living has also risen up and with lack of clear descriptions; my father could not easily understand why the money he provided for upkeep was not enough. He created mental images that failed to reflect my intention thereby leading to miscommunication. He thought that I was lying and misused the money he gave me. My opening during the conversation was good and so was the feedforward. However, with respect to the substance of conversation my father took a lot of time talking, talked quickly about what he thought had made me ask for additional money instead of allowing the two of us to exchange roles during the conversation. He also failed to articulate his words clearly. However, after taking time to explain to him, the feedback was appropriate and we closed the conversation appropriately.

  1. Create a sample agenda for a business meeting to discuss the quarterly sales report and results from the latest marketing campaign. Decide what information is needed, and what position might normally be expected to produce that information.
Meeting Agenda: Sales Meeting
Date: 18/ 01/ 2016
Time: 8.00 AM
Called By: Sales Manager
Phone Number:
E-email Address:
Participants/Meeting Roles
Meeting Objectives
  1. To discuss quarterly sales report
  1. To discuss results from the latest marketing campaign
  1. Provide an overview of the sales report and the marketing campaign
  1. Identify the weaknesses and strengths of the marketing campaign
  1. Determine the effectiveness of the marketing
  1. Identify areas that need improvement
8.00 AM: Welcome Attendees, Introductions
8.20 AM: Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting
8.35 AM: Discuss business arising from previous minutes
9.00 AM: Review the meeting Agenda and the business of the day
9.10 AM: Discuss the quarterly sales report
9.30 AM: Discuss the effectiveness and impact of the marketing campaign
10.00 AM: Identify challenges and changes needed to ensure effectiveness
10.30 AM: Discuss General business
10.45 AM: Identify the date, time, venue of the next meeting
10.55 AM: Close the meeting
  1. You are called upon to propose a toast to your team leader after your group has just completed a large contract. Work on this project wasn’t always easy, but now it is the time for celebration and recognition. Write a sample toast in no more than thirty words.

Sample Toast

We worked tirelessly day after day to complete the large contract, but your leadership made it worthwhile and successful. Well done!

  1. How does the press interview serve the business or organization? List two ways and provide examples.

A press interview is both an opportunity and a challenge (Bell & Smith 2009). In a press interview, people are recorded in some fashion that includes video, audio or handwritten notes on the notepad of a reporter. In this regard, press interviews project the best possible image of an organization or business to the press and the public. Press interviews also help in attracting viewers and customers besides portraying a positive image of an organization. Business and organizations get the prospect to market themselves to the viewers and provide viewers with information about their business or activities. More importantly, press interview gives interviewees an edge of trustworthiness that serves their companies or businesses through knowledge and experience sharing. For instance, a press interview involving Apple Executives helped in regaining the firm’s reputation and public confidence after the explosion at its Foxconn Factory in Chengdu China. Through the press interview, Apple’s Executives were able to provide information regarding the steps they had taken to ensure that its suppliers uphold human rights and workers welfare. The company’s executives were able to bring into light its supplier code of conduct that highlight principles on safety protections and labour issues.

  1. Consider the following scenario. Your large company is opening a new office in a new town and you have been designated to be part of the team that will be on the front lines. You want to establish goodwill, but also recognise that, being an outsider, you and your company may not be welcomed with open arms by the local business community. Your company produces a product and provides a service (feel free to choose; a coffee shop for example) that is currently offered in the area, but your organisation perceives room for market growth as well as market share. Describe how you would handle relations with the local media

Media relations entail the relations that an organization or firm establishes with journalists. When establishing a new business providing products and services offered in the same area, it is important to establish good media relations in order to ensure market growth and an extensive market share. Good media relations will help a new business, such a coffee shop established in a new location, to inform the public about the firms’ mission, practices, products, services and policies in a consistent, credible and positive way. The firm should coordinate directly with persons responsible for producing features and news in mass media. To ensure positive media relations the firm should strive to know journalists and editors in order to get publicity in the local community. Establishing positive working links with editors and journalists is paramount. Providing the journalists and editors with what they want is vital. It is important to make them understand what product or service the firm intends to offer in the local community and the importance of these products and services to the community. Providing journalists with figures, facts, quotes and pictures about the products and service also helps in creating positive media relations. More importantly, doing interviews with journalists will help in creating publicity and acceptance of the firm’s products and services. It is important that the firm’s managers present themselves well during the press interviews, respond positively to questions raised by journalists and show respect for the interviewer. Calmness during the interview is paramount and the interviewee must understand that it is not what he/she says only but how well one says it. Evidently, audiences react to emotional cues therefore, it is important to project an image of integrity and credibility. The interviewer should anticipate the question-and-answer blueprint and restrain himself to concise and clear responses (Bell & Smith 2009). It is important for the company’s manager to prepare himself or herself adequately before the interview to provide an edge of credibility that can serve the company positively. Establishing a rapport and staying in touch with journalists also facilitate establishment of positive media relations.


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