Of YouTube and culture by Karrick NelsonA Peer Review Essay Example

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of YouTube and culture by Karrick NelsonA Peer Review


The PowerPoint presentation by Karrick Nelson is undoubtedly quite significant in highlighting presentation skills and techniques. In analysing Karrick Nelson’s presentation, it is clearly evident that it occurs against a blue background with bold white text. It is very official and very little efforts have been made to make it visually appealing. However, the writer has incorporated brief text which makes it easy for the audience to skim through each slide. Below each slide are very informative and detailed texts which expound on the topic. It was interesting to know that YouTube, which the western world takes for granted, is disallowed in some countries. However, the presentation could do with a little color variation to break the monotony of the blue background.

has also done a splendid job by providing information revolving around the topic. The thesis states that YouTube empowers the masses and has revolutionized information sharing. This is true because now the voiceless in the society have an avenue to air the views. Furthermore, it has become easier to share information in a cheap and convenient manner. The writer

raphs and pictures incorporated in the presentation. These visuals have been crucial in assisting readers to get a clear understanding of the topic especially on the rise of YouTube and countries where it is banned. Surprisingly, the writer provides a bibliography but has not cited the sources in the text. As well, if arguments by Parmenter (2011, pg 71) were anything to go by, then some slides in the presentations had already flaunted the 35 word per slide rule. Furthermore, the writer refrains from using tags and quotes in the text. On the other hand, there is a clear transition between ideas. This has gone a long way to organize the supporting evidence for the thesis. This is also the case with the g

eer review will strengthen my learning by adopting the strongpoint of peers and learning from their weaknesses. This peer review provides insights suitable in enhancing an individual’s presentation skills for effectiveness.YouTube has been growing in popularity and made it easier for parties to communicate around the world. It has also transferred the power from information leaders to the masses. Finally, pIn terms of defining the thesis statement, the author has not provided explanation of terms and concept but maybe this is because it is self explanatory. The average reader would easily grasp the terms and concepts. In my opinion, the thesis could do with a few more points to support its message. For instance, the writer should have talked about how


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