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Running Head: Best Suburb | 2

Recommendation on where to live in Саnbеrrа

Getting a place to live can be a challenging task, especially if an individual is new to the particular area. Canberra is an area that offers a potential resident a wide range of variety when trying to pick out a place to live. One may opt to reside in the suburbs of the city or live right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It avails a range of housing option ranging from expensive upmarket houses to cheaper houses.

There are a variety of factors that my cousin would have to consider when choosing a place to live in Саnbеrrа. The amount of money she is willing to pay in rent. The houses vary and there is just about something for everyone. Security is another important factor to consider when deciding on a place to stay. Although, it is important to note that crime levels are extremely low, even in some of the neighborhoods deemed insecure. Means of transport is also a very important factor to consider. If an individual intends to use public means of transport, they should stick to areas around the town center as not all parts of the suburbs are served by public transport.

Being a student, Acton would be a good choice for Julia. The suburb is well served by public transport systems; it has a vibrant nightlife and offers myriads of choices of restaurants and fast-food joints ideal for a student. The suburb is also close to the university and houses a lot of other students.


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