Image Narratives in Photoshop Essay Example

Images are one way of sending out a message in a unique way. To get the meaning of an image needs deeper interpretation of its components including colours, texture, and its parts. All along, images have been used to tell stories in a very impressive way. It is a very quick way of passing information in a very attractive manner. The three images below pass different meanings as explained below.


The first image which appears in layer one appears to be of lizard. The lizard raises his head apparently to get a glimpse of what is happening beyond its height. There is some darkness at the background and all that can be seen at a distance is bright red light seemingly from the sun. The sun is shining bright while the lizard is at a total darkness in nearly the same location. The narrative that the image depicts is different from what people are expecting. That the lizard is getting attentive in case of any danger. The picture drives a deeper meaning that even with a lot of possibilities presented to us, we can still be comfortable in our worry zones.

The second image depicts a Porsche convertible and luxurious car. The car is commonly used by the rich and mighty in the society. A great difference from the first which talks about the worries, this image can be viewed with a lot of lust. But what is it headed to? At the time of photography, the car is headed to an auction. Not as it seems. Some things seen as the best may also be problematic to others. Inside the car are its occupants engraved with worries and anxiety. The message is apparently different. Worries in satisfaction.

The third image is of a lady inside a shop. The lady from the facial expressions seems worried. A narrative of worries in the midst of plenty. As seen from the image, a quick person will jump into conclusion that the lady is either a shop keeper or a buyer going around her business. But looking deeply into the image, a different image is portrayed. In its simplest form, the image gives a quick preview of how we can be dissatisfied with the life to an extend of forgetting the best things at the moment. The ladies face is frowned. But inside a shop with good things. Worries everywhere.

In conclusion, the imagery has done more good to man to man communication. Telling stories by using imagery has created permanent impression in human minds that can last for so long. As a way of providing a lesson, images can be incorporated to cement ideas. If one can get this lessons through a message, it will take him or her many years to forget. Therefore, imagery must be upheld in narrative stories. It must be given much attention to make learning easy.


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