Professional communication and patient care Essay Example

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Professional communication and patient care

Health care professionals must communicate effectively among themselves and with the patients to ensure that patient safety is not put at risk. I have learnt that the safety of the patients is at the axis of effective professional communication and patient care. Risks to patient safety, on the other hand, result chiefly from communication failure, such as inadequate critical information for making decisions, incidences where the healthcare practitioners misinterpret information from the patients or colleagues, and unclear orders from their superiors.

Therefore, effective communication with the colleagues and patients is a precondition to caring for the patients, as communication failure may lead to medical errors and other adverse events that put the patient safety at risk, higher cost of patient care, extended length of stay, greater patient and caregiver dissatisfaction. Clearly, what these show is that effective professional communication and patient care is beneficial, as it reduces instances of medical errors, leads to greater patient safety and satisfaction, reduces the cost of patient care, and cuts the length of stay at the hospital.

Still, I have also come to appreciate that health professional face various barriers to communicating effectively with patients and colleagues. Thus is because of the different perceptions they have of their roles due to diversity issues, prejudgments on the patients and cultural barriers. Additional barriers include role conflict, interpersonal conflicts, and ambiguity, of tasks.

Overall, professional communication requires that we aim to protect patient safety. It also requires that we endeavour to protect patients’ privacy by avoiding engaging in, or tolerating in others, any practice that is less than absolute compliance to professionalism, where we safeguard patient rights and personal information. These are, in my understanding, at the core of ethical and legal obligation as healthcare professionals.