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Professional Child Care Resource File for 0-2 year olds Essay Example

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Two year Old activities 3

An example of a Finger play

Brief explanation

The sample above is a common finger play that is both a song and a demonstration of movement of fingers to demonstrate different numbers for two year old children. The activities are good strategies for ensuring that the children are active as the lesson progresses and they also easily comprehend the lesson because of its practicability through finger demonstration.

An example of a rhyme

One Potato, Two Potato

Brief explanation
This nursery rhyme is basically for counting numbers and is thus referred to as a number theme. It is a good nursery rhyme for two year olds because it uses potatoes which are everyday life products that the two year olds are familiar with. It is thus easier for them to learn counting from one through to ten and even more (O’Connell, 2003). This kind of a rhyme can also accompany practical counting of potatoes which enhances the experience of the two year old.

As example of a song

Brief explanation

This is a common song for two year old because it creates an active strategy which is involving and with some lessons attached to the words being sang. It is a recommended song for educators because of its relative ease for learning both counting and pronunciation strategies for the children under the age of two (Sears, 2007).
An example of a singing game

Brief explanation

This singing game is a good example because it offers an opportunity for the toddlers to get involved in a social activity with their friends. Most kids at this age love playing alongside their friends but will focus on the Guidant for directions. A joint activity like this one also gives the toddlers an opportunity to learn how to move their bodies while having fun and also learning at the same time (Silberg, 2002).

An example of a music and movement idea

Brief explanation

This song and movement activity involves movement and listening at the same time because it is an mp3 song accessed from http://www.freekidsmusic.com/music-ab.html. This song especially recommended for day care toddlers as it keeps them occupied, learn to interact with other children and generally enjoy their day.

An example of a music and movement idea

Hammer Song

This song and movement activity involves saying one’s name, swinging arms, and stomping feet. This is repeated as the song continues and thus involving the children throughout the activity. When the children are many every one’s name must be mentioned accompanied by different movements styles (Miller, 2004).

An example of a routine for toddlers

  • Wake up cuddle (Unless screaming for food)

  • breakfast 

  • nap (for age 0 to about 18 months) OR errands (if no nap)

  • play (not necessary for the newborns)


  • play (not necessary for newborns)

  • Dinner 

  • play/family time

Bedtime routine

  • bath (you may feel that bathing every other day is sufficient)

  • diaper, 

  • feeding for infants or milk for toddlers 

  • read books/sing

Brief explanation

This explanation is a brief timeline for a child aged from 0 to 2 years old. The routine can however be changed as it is convenient in order to meet the demands of everyday. The routine is divided into four sections in order to cover for the entire day in the growing process of a toddler within the age of 0 to 2 (Orr 2006).

An example of an equipment and explanation

Since zero to two year old toddlers is attracted to equipments because of their colour and usage, a piano will be more appropriate for kids at this age. This is because of their curious learning ability of different sounds. A piano will be a good play and learning toy for them at this age as compared to computer software which requires a considerable mind involvement.