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Problem Solving

Effects catchment of thearea on floodmanagement Flood management is a challenge in Milperra wetland due to a number of reasons that include the status of the catchment area. The catchment area which is entirely covered by water and surrounded by when floods come it pollute the catchment area by carrying damped waste from the residential and urban areas making it hard for the management team. The catchment area has many abstractions that make the process of cleaning the area a little hard. Managing floods has to be done through proper damping of waste to avoid pollution during floods and understanding the patterns of floods to avoids risks that are brought during high floods season.

Mosquito’s management Mosquito management can be very expensive depending on the type used to control them. Use of pesticides is usually fast neither but not really that effective economically and environmentally. There are other natural methods such as use mosquito predators such as birds and fish. These methods are highly appropriate and recommended. Since the surrounding of Milperra wetland human settlement such as those living in Bankstown Metropolitan and those who use the golf course will be highly affected if pesticides are used. Use of predators will definitely be welcomed by many due to its advantages.

Impact of community surveys

Community surveys are very important for the management of the wetland especially on the impact from the residents. An example is the survey on land use within the area helps greatly in solving problems that arises on landownership and use. The community survey on rates of pollution and contamination of the wetland will help determine how to control pollution from the people living in Bankstown, the residential area and those using the golf course. Making the resident of the area within the wetland understands the impacts that their actions have on the wetland and their lives are very important. When people know of the problems caused by pollution they will help out in reducing pollution.

Use of GIS

Using GIS is very important since this is a technical tool that helps in making management work very easy. In order to achieve the Milperra Bushland NRI goals and objectives, GIS software has to be used. Gathering of information by use of photographs makes use of GIS very important since GIS makes it easier for the management to identify the areas that needs immediate attention within the wetland, zoning regulations will also be affected by the use of the software. GIS will also help the management to understand the topography of the areas that they are targeting this way it makes the entire work very convenient.

What the council will do if the wetland is damaged

It is under their responsibility to make sure that the wetland is not damaged but in case this happens will prompt the council to change their management strategies and plans to make sure that they are successful. Allowing the wetland to get destroyed cannot be taken positively by the members of the community and the authorities within the area. Wetland management team is being assessed from time to time by the government to ensure that regulations are followed and the wetland is not destroyed.

Policies to combat contamination

Contamination mainly comes from the roads and the golf course; this has resulted in disruption of the soil leading to pollution during the flood seasons. Damping of wastes by the people living in the residential area is also another cause. Regulations that should be put in place include creation of laws that will hold individuals responsible in case they are found damping waste into the wetland and ensuring that roads are well maintained to avoid soil erosion during flood seasons, these will greatly reduce contamination in the wetland making it friendly to the flora and fauna living in it.

Risks caused by human activities

A proper procedure of identifying the risks that human activities pose to the wetland is use of data that surveys get by looking at the causes of problems within the wetland area. Using information from survey is more effective in that it is more detailed as they keep in touch with the residents and they get clear perspective of the situation. From the information from surveys, contamination of water in the watershed is the most critical risk caused by human activities through water pollution. When contamination is high it will affect all other areas including the quality of water, survival of the endangered species will be at risk for both the plants and animals.

Future plans

If the management is successful the future plans are quite promising as the wetland will be batter to accommodate good things. Plans such as development of rearing of fish within different zones that have been developed, developing of more golf courses and many others are being forecasted.

Milperra boundary map


Milperra soil map

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