Presentation Reflection Essay Example

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Presentation Reflection

Presentation Reflection


In recent days due to language difficulties, presentation is one of the biggest challenges that I deal with as an international student. Therefore, I have to make sure I start early as possible to do more research and practice in order to perform well. Nevertheless, since the presentation is a team work, we are expected to work together. I tried many times to push my team to start earlier working on the presentation but it did not go well. We started working on it three days before the performance since the only thing we had done was to select the question and the organization. So I decided to take the action with one of my team group.

What you did well during the presentation?

During the presentation, I made sure I had inflection in my voice and used good communication type to grab the attention of my audience. I made sure that I made eye contact that made the audience feel that they are engaged in the presentation. In addition, I used hand movement when presenting in order to emphasize points and encourage audience engagement. The presentation covered all the required parts with examples, it was composed of clear writing and some pictures and all the team members showed confidence in their explanation of points.

How the presentation process was carried out?

To start with, we made an announcement on whatsApp group on the planning and preparation of the presentation and every member respondent except one. Afterwards, we divided the work as follow: two people were to work on the organization’s culture, other two on management challenges and one individual was expected to work on the implications for middle level managers. After the division of work, I set a deadline for the preparation and research which was in two days and asked my group to volunteer in the design of the PPT slide. Since nobody responded, I took the responsibility of working on the slides though I was not so familiar with it. I accessed some PPT tutorials on YouTube which helped me gather and arrange the work I received from the group. After finishing, I emailed the PPT to every member who recommended some changes which i worked on.

What would you do better if you will do the presentation again?

I and my group would start the presentation earlier in order to finish early and get time to practice by going through the presentation. This would have boosted our confidence during the actual presentation. Also, I would add a good conclusion that would give a good impression on the audience. I would also add some references that would be the reflection of where the information presented came from.


To sum it up, the presentation was good. However, with some adjustments such as the addition of references and conclusion, and prior team practices, the presentation would have been exceptional. Generally, I have learned that a good presentation should be planned well in advance, practiced before the actual presentation day, delivery of presentation should be exceptional and should contain a good conclusion and references.