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Mission and Vision statement

Kraft Foods Company is a company that deals in foods and beverages. It supplies its products to many countries of the world. Kraft Foods Company’s headquarter is in North America. It is rated as the second largest food company in the world after the famous Nestle.

The Mission of Kraft is to be the North America’s best Food and Beverage Company. This is to be achieved through production of safe foods to the customers. The company is also dedicated to produce foods and beverages that are of very high nutritional value. Community involvement is also one of the ways the company will achieve its mission.

The Vision of the Kraft Foods Company is to be North America’s by having a continuous production of products loved by consumer, creation of a performance-based culture which can motivate and encourage they the company’s employees. Kraft Foods Company also aims at becoming the best investment in the food industry so as to provide the better investment option for the potential investors.

As a way of achieving the mission and vision, Kraft has maintained a good relation with the community around it by offering employment opportunities to abled people. Another value of the company is compliance and integrity. This impels the company to comply well with all the standard requirements for foods consumed by customers.

SWOT analysis

Kraft Food Company has a very strong employee base. This enables it to run all its production operations efficiently so as to ensure that it meets the demands of the customers at the right time. Kraft has about 126,000 employees. Strong and well established supply chain network helps the company in quick and safe acquisition of all the raw materials needed for production. Strong supply chain network also enables Kraft to make efficient and timely distribution of the finished food products so that they are available to the customers. The strength of diversified product mix, which ranges from cheese, beverages and food products and many more, is a way of having a larger market for the sales of products. With all these products, Kraft has been able to enjoy the advantages of having a wide product market. Again, Kraft is very famous and have dominant product portfolio.

Kraft is prone to making credit purchase which is not healthy for a corporation since it adds financial burdens and hence limits it to some financial opportunities. Kraft faces a very tough competition from other food processing companies in the industry. The company has also experienced many cases of product recalls. All these factors are limiting the company from achieving its set goals and objectives.

Acquisition of Cadbury, extension of product lines and a constant increase in income levels provides more market opportunities for Kraft Food Company. These opportunities gives the company a better hand to expand its market.

Rising cost of production which is dictated by the rising prices of the raw materials and stiff competition threatens the growth and success of Kraft Food Company. These in conjunction with the reported cases of health concern about the foods, spoils the company’s reputation and may cause market loss for the products in the long run.