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(Insert your address here like (Insert your phone number here)

444 Rocketeer Court (Insert your email here)

Atlanta, FZ 333)

7th January, 2016

Peter Allen, CEO

The Scentre Group



Dear Mr. Allen,

My passion for the delivery of fresh innovative marketing solutions and proven experience make my candidature a natural marketing manager your Company is looking for. From finding out new clients and customers through email marketing strategies as well as promotional events to maintaining mutual partnership with customers and vendors, I possess diverse grasp of marketing management and customers relationship management that spans more than 5 years. These are just but a few skills that I am interested in offering a great Company like The Scentre Group.

To mention an incidence regarding my many success stories with previous companies, during my tenure at BVC Corp, I succinctly executed a multifaceted annual event (6,000+ attendees) after sudden demise of the then marketing manager. I took charge of planning processes that entailed a 202-point task list as well as constant cross-functional between customers and staff members. I pulled off the event without and reported hitch. The innovations, skills and determination I used in planning the marketing and management will be handy in your organization.

Since my departure from BVC Corp, I have been volunteering as marketing manager with different organsiations including AA Corp, which has added in me the needed experience. Not only am I determined in my work but you will also find that I am hands-on, refreshingly creating and easy to work with.

My experience, skills and determination makes me the candidate you are looking to fit the position in The Scentre Group. I welcome the chance to explain myself further regarding what I can offer your Company. Thank you for considering my qualifications.


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