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Prepare and submit a project charter and scope statement for your selected project

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Table of Contents


3Project Purpose

3SMART Objectives

3Measurable Success Criteria

4High – Level Requirements

4High – level Project Description

4High-Level Risks

5Summary Milestones Schedule

5Table 1.

5Gantt Chart 2.

5Summary Budget

6Key Stakeholders List

6Project Approval Requirements

6The middle school teacher admin

7Assigned Project Manager, (Me)

7Approval Signatures

7Scope Statement

7Description and Objectives


8Limits and Exclusions

8Technical Requirements

8MS Project 1.

8Tablet vendor support 2.

8CRM software 3.

9Project teachers and instructors 4.


9Work Breakdown Structure

9Acceptance Criteria

Project Purpose

As the Silicon Mountain High School chapter, we will raise $5000 between now (March 20) and 10th August to cut on the cost of purchasing tablet readers which will be used by our mentored middle school students during our session with them during the December holidays. We will solicit donations from agencies and businesses in order to raise the requisite amount for our project management services applied to their various projects. Our project management service will utilize our project management learning in a practical manner to address real projects in the community. This reading mentoring sessions will help selected students who are reading below the grade level in middle school to chart a way for their success in high school

SMART Objectives

  • I will solicit 4 projects from business agencies around the school environs by April 20th which will generate $5000 minimum donations for the tablet reader purchase which will take effect by 5th June.

  • I will come up with a draft of the service agreements which we propose for the four agencies to clearly pinpoint our project management services to be performed during this academic year with a limited maximum if 370 chapter student working hours.

  • I will solicit bids for the purchase of tablet readers by 27th May which will entail operational orientation from the vendors.

  • The middle schools will help me choose the students to be mentored by 1st July which include training and pairing them with their specified mentors by 1st October for the commencement of relationship building during October and November.

Measurable Success Criteria

The success of the project will be subject to a several measures. Basically, its success depends on the extent to which the target funding which I am planning to raise is achieved. The satisfaction of our clients who are the mid-level students is another measure of our success. For one, the children need to show evidence that they have grasped something in our sessions. This will be judged by the improvements in reading and passing exams. Our success depends on the amount of the manner in which our chapter delivers the best project management services to the agencies which are satisfactory.

High – Level Requirements

The following are the requirements which the result must meet in order for the objectives to be satisfied.

Requirement Number

Requirement Description

The ability to associate outcomes with project the project

The ability to monitor and track the project status

The ability to enter the project information as described by the school

Ability to identify with the related technical area

Ability to report on the project as and when required by the stakeholders

High – level Project Description

The proposed projects that I will solicit are subject to the review and approval of the Silicon High School administration and the advisor. This is for purposes of ensuring that the project complies with the processes of community service project and school district field trip approval. There exists a donation range rubric which will be developed and, if suitable, approved by 15th April. The Key stakeholders of this project include: project management mentors and teachers, the parents of the identified students whose significances rests heavily on the transportation needs, the solicited businesses and agencies, district financial risk management office, district admin, school admin and the advisors. The middle school students who are selected by their respective mid-level school admins will be mentored by us especially on reading with the help of the help of tablets. Most of the content will be inspired by the advices from the midlevel schools. The tablets will be purchased and the team will learn how to use them for our work over the December holiday.

High-Level Risks

  1. There might be lower donations from the business agency than it could be needed to purchase the tablets. This will be known by August. Though not likely, I can turn to service clubs or county parastatals. In this case, student presentations on status will come in handy.

  2. There might be fewer projects than needed to achieve the desired sum. This has a lower probability of happening and its status will be established by 27th May. In case of such phenomenon, I will contact the local service clubs for Additional help if necessary.

  3. It might turn out that more hours will be required calling for more student hours which are needed for the project to achievable than what I planned. In this case, I will urge the team members to increase 25% of their commitment.

  4. There might be additional volunteer insurance for participating business agencies through the L&I costs of $ 0.5 per hour paid for by the agencies and businesses.

  5. There may arise conflicts among the team members due to the clash of roles and responsibilities. This usually occur in any team. Here, conflict resolution processes are applied. This is coupled with job evaluation and division of roles

Summary Milestones Schedule

  1. Table

Duration (days)

Soliciting Projects



Service Draft



Soliciting bids



Identifying Students



Pairing Mentors



Mentoring Sessions



  1. Gantt Chart
    Prepare and submit a project charter and scope statement for your selected project

Summary Budget

Final Printed reports for agencies and businesses = $50 donated by Angie’s.

  • MindView software – sponsored by SME Program Advisory Committee.

  • Laptop – Use one of the student’s or Classroom computers.

  • Pizza-pop for work parties in the labs =$70 which may be contributed by the parents

  • 370 student chapter working hours


Business Agencies

Silicon school

Mid-level Schools




Printing and Paperwork


Key Stakeholders List

  1. Middle School Teacher Admin

  2. Middle School Students

  3. Businesses

  4. Silicon School Admin

  5. Chapter advisor

  6. Project Manger

Project Approval Requirements

The middle school teacher admin will identify the needs of the students as well as establishing the criteria of success via student satisfaction and tests. The will enlighten me and the team on sustainability support, project success follow-up data, continuous reading improvement techniques and mentoring support methods. The middle school students are our clients and hence, our success heavily depends on their understanding of how we can help them. The businesses/agencies solicited will have the success indicators, communication needs and roles will be understood in the agreements in our project management service proposal. The parents will give a go-ahead to our transportation needs and extra-curricular time commitments. The Silicon school admin will sign off on the charter by 16th April and at the same time, submit their project success indicator list and what they require of us and When. He will enumerate the extent of their roles and how they will measure success. The chapter advisor will provide advice on project communication through social media and newsletters to various stakeholders

Assigned Project Manager, (Me)

My responsibilities as the project manager in this case include:

  • Develop goals and plan for means of raising money.

  • Develop alliances with other service providers.

  • Work collaboratively to enhance fund-raising efforts.

  • Planning and management of the marketing efforts such as direct mail campaigns.

  • Write grant proposals and identify donor pools

  • To plan and develop goals for raising money together with refining goals and plans aimed at adopting campaigns which champion for the needs of the society and the school.

Owing to these immense activities, I have higher levels of authority whose level can be seen to be that of the client.

Approval Signatures

Mid-level School, Project Client

Silicon High School, Project Sponsor

[Name], Project Manager

Scope Statement

Description and Objectives

Project scope entails the parameters which determines success by balancing the results of a project with the desired time and resources. The project is done within the environs of the school and the adjacent towns whereby the agencies and businesses are located. The inherent objectives of this project is outlined below:

  • The ability to raise enough resources to facilitate the success of mentoring the mid-level students.

  • To be able to apply the project management knowledge to solve issues which are pertinent in the society.

  • To increase the number of students who are transitioning to high school competently.

  • To increase the ability of associating the success of the project with the project mechanism

  • To enhance accountability and teamwork among members in the accomplishment of the project.

  • To impart the concepts of financial management and budgeting in project management.


Major Deliverable

Deliverable Description

Project Charter

Establishes and justifies the need for the project, approval for the go-ahead, duration and a rough-estimate cost of the project.

Project Management Plan

It enlightens the stakeholders of the existing issues, risks and other relevant information which are necessary to this project.

Project Schedule

Provides the project team and the stakeholders with the understanding of the tasks which must be completed within some given timeframes which are associated with some specified tasks

Requirements review

This is an assessment by a business analyst to determine the legal compliance of the fundraiser in order to achieve approval of requirements.

Design Review

This is an assessment by a business analyst to determine approval of the fundraising project design.

User acceptance testing

Conducted by Quality Analyst, Business Analyst and project manager to determine the acceptance of the contribution of the fundraiser by the beneficiaries and donors.

Deployment plan

Applies to the project team and stakeholders which are necessary to make plans into reality.

Limits and Exclusions

The project only pays attention to students from mid-level schools who have reading difficulties. The project fundraiser is time-bound and funds will never be collected when the objectives have been achieved. The project is not-profit scheme. This exclude those students who are doing well. The project is geographically bounded to the environs of the school and hence, excludes those students meeting the requirements.

Technical Requirements

The project is expected to be seamless, available to several people, reliable and have excellent performance. This will be achieved using the following.

  1. MS Project – An off-the-shelf software used in tracking the cost and the schedule of the project.

  2. Tablet vendor support – This will give support to the use of the tablet as it concerns the failure remedies and the standards of use. They will give customized instructions for the benefit of the minors

  3. CRM software — for purposes of managing access to information, customer data and interaction.

  4. Project teachers and instructors – this technical element of the project will ensure that the beneficiaries of the fund-drive really get the value for the money contributed.


Whenever people with great hearts are never trained in fundraising, their leadership will run dry. There may be an excellent team but who have attended more than one seminal, but it should be noted that even fundraisers done by celebrities can fail if smart assumptions are not made. In that respect, I am basing this project on the following assumptions:

  • People buy into some idea because of exclusivity and convenience

  • People seek value

  • People want to avoid risks

  • People need to justify decisions logically

  • People make decisions emotionally

Work Breakdown Structure

Prepare and submit a project charter and scope statement for your selected project 1

Acceptance Criteria

The project accepts project offers from business entities which do not have conflict of interests with the school or the objectives of organization. Generally, contributions should be done in good and goodwill. The same treatment will be subjected to individuals and companies who give gifts and donation to the course of the project.