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Prepare a website planing brief based upon one of the 3 scenarios provided -art gallery -sports institute -tourist information site-country town Essay Example

Title: Planning Brief

Tourist Information Site Country Town.


Nowadays, a number of tourism activities are taking place due to pleasant weather and healthy economic situations. The environmental conditions instigate people to spend their some days away from their hometown. Spending a few days with your spouse leaving all worries, responsibilities behind for some days always seems attractive and to make the leisure time even more memorable, one needs a good place. Australia has a number of places where one can enjoy a lot. Spending holidays in Australia is always a thrilling and exciting idea. There is a lot to do in Australia. Information technology has made our lives much easier and it has become a fun to explore tourism information on just few clicks. Although it’s hard to choose the best one, a number of websites are offering packages to Australia including accommodation. There is still a room for improvement in tourism websites and most of them do not list all information on their website. Most of them intend to take phone calls regarding tourism activities. This report intends to produce a new idea for Australian tourist activities and will allow to user to retrieve all information about Australia while staying at home.

The purpose of the website is to serve people seeking for innovative and attractive ideas for their holidays. Spending memorable holidays is a dream of every young couple. Parents taking their children to world’s best places consider it one of the fulfilling experiences of their lives. Information regarding various websites mentioned in this report will help readers to plan their holidays in limited budget.

Target Audience

The target audiences of the website include newly married couples, elders planning their holidays and youth seeking for adventures. The website will list weekly news and updates about upcoming thrilling events in Australia. Tourist will get complete information about places more likely to visit Australia in its peak days. The website will announce budget packages along with complete details and booking schedule.

The website will deal with all information about Australia, things to do in Australia, upcoming events in Australia, online booking of holidays. Members will be able to search upcoming events and may sign up for alerts for upcoming events.

Out-Scope: The website will not focus on online transportation booking, online booking for concerts and other events. It will only display information regarding upcoming events and their details. Members will not be able to find out the details regarding transportation and residence details.

Design Consideration

The website will rely on Asp.net and SQL server. The website needs updation of database almost every week and SQL server is renowned in providing best web services. ASP is an abbreviation of Active server pages. ASP.net is a web application framework designed by Microsoft to allow programmers to develop dynamic websites and web services by using add in, plug-ins and thousands of built in library. ASP.net provides user friendly interface and it’s easily for a programmer to design the layout of web pages in few seconds. ASP.net works much faster than HTML and user interface is easy to learn. The only drawback of ASP.net is that it doesn’t share session state without the interference of third party libraries.

Programming Technologies

Following programming techniques will be used in the site:

ActionScript (AS2, AS3), Flash Animation, Flex, Silverlight.


• Windows: XP, Vista, 200020032008 Servers, Windows 7




• MS SQL Server and MySQL

Projects design and architecture:

• UML, Rational Rose,Visio, Erwin.

The website will surely focus on user-friendly interface as if the website doesn’t pose user friendly and easy to handle user interface, client are less likely to come. There are several issues linked with user-interface so there is always a need to focus on good and user friendly user-interface.


The website will need Windows platform to work on, it requires updated version of Internet explorer. Adobe plug in should be installed in order to view flash files. The website will require a membership for viewing and using online booking system. Older versions of internet explorer may not support flash files. Browser’s version needs to be updated monthly. The website will use flash files that requires Adobe plug-in.

ASP is considered one of the best languages for websites. Thousands of built-in functions facilitate programmer to work faster as compared to any other service. Flash Animations are easy to use and attractive and a number of designers can create eye-catching banners through it. Silverlight is also easy to use and allow designer to use customizable templates. Hyper-text-markup-language is an abbreviation of HTML and it is widely use for designing’s webpages, now, most of the companies do not prefer HTML for their websites, they prefer to use Div in order to minimize their cost and efforts. Div defines sections in a HTML document. Programmers take an advantage of dividing HTML pages into several sections by using DIV. MS SQL server is the relational database server works with T-SQL and ANSI SQL (Delano & George, 2005). SQL server and MY SQL will be used to develop the website due to their easy and fast connectivity with ASP.net.


Lance Delano, Rajesh George et al. (2005). Wrox’s SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit (Programmer to Programmer). Microsoft Press. ISBN 0764589237.