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Video Editing

1.0 Installation

The installation procedure is simple and direct:-

First select the window> media browser

  • Open the desired file and follow the following steps

  • To see just documents of a specific sort tap the triangle in the record name menu and select the record you need to deal with

  • You can select more files from the list (Unknown, 2008).

2.0 Drawing & dragging

When using Premier pro. It is always important and possible to draw the video and add the sequence clip in the video. Steps are simple and direct. Steps of adding video to the sequence include:-

  • Dragging the clasp from the venture board or where the record is put away in the PC to the board timetables or we can state to the product program in the screen.

  • From the product you can utilize the embedded and the overwrite catch in the screen source to help in adding the clasps to the course of events board. This can likewise be effectively done using easy routes related with the catch.

  • Automatically gather a succession from the venture board

  • You can also drag the clip from the project panel or the media to the browser into the program monitor

Premier Pro Editing Instructions

Premier Pro Editing Instructions 1

In the source monitor do one of the following:-

  • Drag all audio or video tracks of the clip inside the main area of viewing

  • Drag only the video tracks of the clip. Icon only’

  • Drag only the audio track (Searle, 2015).


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