Preliminary Feasiblity Study: HRIS Product Essay Example

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Human Resource Information Technology


This report is targeting the HRIS department which provides the form of management with strategic data that comprises, retention as well as recruitment strategies, strategies to develop new product after analyzing the environment, and also enhancing large scope operation through merging the HRIS data. Therefore, the report stand at a position to bring out the practicability education, which seek for approval towards official asses as well as identify a product, hence prepare a fit HRIS report to management.

The report is based on a feasibility study and requests approval to formally evaluate and select a HRIS product. More over the report will target identifying strengths as well as weaknesses within an organization initiating HRIS, orienting HRIS in new Team as well as identifying Teams objectives and HRIS objectives, competitors as well as coming up with convenient communication mode. In addition, the paper will project necessary plans to execute the ideas, review as well as map the modern enacted processes, and identify the benefit of the resources available.

Inclusion of HRIS in the organization management will help the company to develop a real period of information foundation, individual service as well as environmental interaction. This result to revolution of automated record storing in books to a more complex reliable form of complex technology in management led to an improvement in the technology. As the organization incorporates soft wares and other operational systems into the human resource field, there is a process of owning, retaining, and manipulating, retrieving, analyzing, as well as supplying that takes place.


The managerial field has to be changed by inclusion of information technology to enable easier and faster data presentation in the organization, More over, there is faster relaying of information from the employer, employees and consumers hence their needs are met as the information is stored safely in heavy form. Therefore, the organization management improves on their leadership styles as recruitment, selection and part of performance appraisal is achieved through the information system.

Strength and weakness

Most organization should posses a well develop human resource management, which is intertwined with the strategic management. This leads to the focus in the organization being focused on through the HRM and the strategic HRM to initiate the company’s plan while at the same time entrenching the functions and activities in the department. Processes like selection, recruitment, training and others like activities like planning change of policy and regulation is uplifted in the company. Despite all the functions and processes initiated in the company by the HRM and SHRM, there is still weakness in the company performance, as strategic human resource information is not initiated.

Through development of technology in strategic management will lead to the company have a fast way to gain information, which is the basis for progress, individual service, as well as creating a social environment. Apart from collection and storing of information, information system helps in molding by integrating Human Resource Management and Information Technology hence merging the two. In a situation of large scope organization integration of Human Resource Management with Information Technology is possible since HRIS has a large scope of computer software as well as hardware application, which involve people, procedures, policies, as well as data materials for HR function.


With the inclusion of IT in the SHRM stakeholders in the company are expecting to see some changes in compensation, staffing style as well as training as employees need to be conversant with the new system. In addition, the various stakeholders of the company will expect increased efficiency in transaction by machine operation without errors and in time. This should be expected in the payrolls, a beneficial flexible administration, processing of health benefits to both large and small organization. Increase in effectiveness will be another issue to focus on reconciliation where large data set is needed. Accuracy is expected at the end with simplification hence the employees will need usage of the machine.

What is needed?

For the HRIS to work there should be presence of HRIS,HRMS as well as HR soft ware directory on the site hence should be family and friendly to users. First, HR and Payroll software should be present to direct to ten levels that marches shareholders requirements. Secondly, HR selection tool should help give solution to queries with their relevance, as well as free report projection and the site can offer a fast goods search with quick search program. Alternatively, HRIS selection tool and purchasing guide help the whole business fraternity to be automatic in the developed organization newsletter updates.

Some the transforming information technology involves HR practical application, HR sites that are integrated, Hr internet, Hr extranet, Hr portals, IVR and finally individual application by employees and managers hence focusing on internal external environment


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