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Having been established on June 14, 1775 by the Continental Congress, the US Army has been a source of corporate and political leaders in the US. The problem however has been the challenge of getting the right people for the job. Various advertisement strategies have been attempted over time; some of which have been successful while some have terribly failed. This paper therefore looks at the problems of marketing promotion in the US Army and the possible remedies to the situation.

Marketing Problems

One of the problems identified from the text was the too-much concentration on money as the potential benefit for joining the US Army. We see that in the early 1990s the campaign strategy tended to focus more on the financial incentives for serving rather than on the other additionally important aspects of life as well.

There has also been the problem of heavy emphasis on broad-reach activity in marketing the US Army lately. This has seen a marketing mix as far as advertisements for joining the US Army is concerned though print media, internet and many more.

Possible Remedies

The first problem of over-emphasis on money benefits can be remedied by encouraging diversity through encouraging other benefits such as the early slogans for self-actualization and educational support so that other people with other good interests are given a chance in the army.

Based on the problem of too much emphasis on a great marketing mix in advertising, it would be prudent to focus more not necessarily on one particular advertising mode, but on the specific forms of advertising.


In conclusion therefore, it is critically important for the US Army to employ a strategy that will resonate well with the target audience for the longest period of time depending on the needs at hand.